Business Intelligence is broken.

After Billions spent in Software & Services, companies are still struggling to make informed decision-making a key competency. Some blame technology complexity; others blame usability or business models. The right answer might be a combination of all three.

One thing’s for sure though: if we do more of what we’ve done, we’ll get more of what we got (e.g. 70% deployment failure and less than 30% adoption).

I joined Sisense, because its technological and business approach did away with the past.

Sisense technology is innovative; amongst many innovations, it uses the latest advancements in in-memory. Sisense’s business model is disruptive; with Sisense, companies of all sizes can afford Business Intelligence at scale.

I’ll be blogging regularly here to share the best practices that the many Sisense customers have accumulated. You too can be part of the change you want to SEE. Start here by download Sisense for FREE.