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A vision for builders

Nearly eight years ago, I joined my friend and Periscope Data co-founder Tom O’Neill (now Sisense Chief Cloud Officer) on a journey to build an advanced analytics platform that empowered data teams to build amazing new things. Last May, that journey took a big leap forward with the decision to merge Periscope Data and Sisense. In the time since that announcement, our team has been working extremely hard to combine technologies, customer bases, and internal operations into a single organization that achieves the goal we set out to accomplish in 2012.

Recently, that merger matured to a point where we felt it necessary to change the way we talk about the products. Internally, we were no longer keeping Periscope Data and Sisense separate products in our long-term vision and we wanted to make the external conversations we were having consistent. Rather than building two separate data analytics platforms for two separate parts of the overall data analysis process, we are focusing on building a single data platform with tools optimized for every user. 

To reinforce that cohesion, we renamed Periscope Data as Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. When we began setting important checkpoints for the progress of this merger, this change was always an important milestone. I’m proud to be able to say that we’ve officially achieved it.

A Whole New World for Data Teams with Sisense

Building a shared culture

To this point, the merger has been a success story. Part of that success is due to our incredible customer base, which has been eager to listen to the shared vision and work with us to make it a reality. The truth is that building an ambitious product like this requires equally ambitious customers who can be relied on to take our data analytics platform to new heights and provide feedback along the way. It is neither a nicety nor an oversimplification to say that we could not have done this without the brilliant data professionals who use Sisense every day.

At this time last year, Periscope Data and Sisense both had strong company cultures. Merging them together required shared focus and developing a new culture around that commonality. For us, that common goal was a dedication to customers. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is a testament to how well the new culture has jelled around servicing our combined customer base. 

While the two original products focused on different users and unique parts of the data analysis process, the end-to-end platform available today is the result of a shared passion for empowering customers to create value from data. There’s a lot of enthusiasm about the data platform we are building and how it will be used to help out customers move their organizations forward.

Rewarding our internal builders

Another big pillar of the culture at Sisense is a commitment to employee success. Independently, both Sisense and Periscope Data had made several “best places to work” lists before the merger, which is illustrative of the priority given to employee satisfaction. There’s no pressure to produce perfect results, we’ve built an atmosphere that encourages continual experimentation and rewards those who help others. We set high standards for our work, give employees the resources they need to hit their goals, and trust that they’ll succeed. 

That attitude is a huge reason why Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is available today and why future innovations at Sisense will set new industry standards for data platform possibilities. Renaming a product is not a simple process. It’s one that takes cooperation from all parts of the organization.

While the announcement of Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is a big reason to celebrate, there’s an understanding around the company that we’re not just building a product, we’re building a culture. The success of one goes hand-in-hand with the success of the other.

Building for the future

The announcement of Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is a milestone commemorating our dedication to building tools for advanced data professionals. It’s an industry-leading tool that already plays a crucial role in the way the most advanced companies are analyzing data. The success of that product so far is the result of individual people — both customers and employees — who share a vision for the possibilities of data and work to achieve it.

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is also the next step forward in the journey to empower data teams. It removes existing workflow barriers between data professionals and the rest of their teams, streamlining the path from actions to insights. This tool is a leap ahead for modern data teams. The unified product Sisense and Persicope Data teams are building is something truly incredible.

A Whole New World for Data Teams with Sisense

Harry Glaser is the Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager of San Francisco at Sisense. He was the co-founder and CEO of Periscope Data, which merged with Sisense in May 2019. Prior to founding Periscope Data in 2012, Harry was a Product Lead at Google AdWords and graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

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