You no doubt know that cyber threats are getting bigger all the time. Gone are the days where your biggest threat was a precocious teenager creating computer viruses in their bedroom: the headline attacks of today are targeted onslaughts by well-funded groups, criminal networks, and even state actors.

Just look at the global ransomware attack, thought to be the work of North Korean hackers, that infiltrated the UK’s National Health Service. Or the high profile email leaks that the FBI says was orchestrated by Russia. Or the swathe of hacks into major corporations’ data, attributed to networks linked to the Chinese government, in order to gain the competitive advantage in a global market.

In other words, we’re not talking about petty theft or minor annoyances anymore.

So, What’s a Security-Savvy Company to Do?

At Sisense, we take data security very seriously. Many of our clients are from the health care, finance, and government sectors, meaning data they handle is especially sensitive – and we have all kinds of high level, best practice security measures in place to ensure we remain diligent about the protection of customer data.

With the internet security landscape evolving so fast, we understand how crucial it is to monitor new threats as they emerge, predicting how and where cyber criminals might hit next.

That’s why we’re so excited to be a committed developer for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, driving unprecedented innovation in cloud-era security and how security services are consumed.

How Will This Partnership Help You?

Understanding data security threats is intrinsically valuable, but it also brings commercial benefits you might not expect.

Obviously, a public data disaster like hackers getting hold of your customers’ payment information, or a competitor tapping into your pricing / new product strategy will hit you where it hurts… but that’s not the end of the story. Once you start to link up security threat data with more traditional data sources, especially from your sales and marketing departments, you develop a complete picture of how data security intertwines with the health and success of your business.

By adding Palo Alto Networks’ data lake to our growing list of data providers, we’ll enable any organization that uses Sisense to mash threat data with any other source, understanding how security threats impact on their business and performance, and even connecting up the dots between threats and sales.

This will allow you to uncover new, hidden insights, as well as spotting potential problems brewing on the horizon that could damage your credibility with customers – and your bottom line.

Even better, thanks to our unique In-Chip Memory engine, this extra data source will bring you all these benefits without overloading your system and slowing you down. You’ll be able to tap into Palo Alto Networks’ threat data directly and use it in tandem with all your other data sources swiftly and seamlessly.

What Does that Mean in Practice?

Let’s say, for example, that you’re a healthcare provider. Investing in better, faster technology that allows you to issue high-quality care at the most affordable price point is, of course, essential. At the same time, you may be seriously limited by fears over what would happen if deeply private patient information were to be stolen.

Imagine if, instead of shying away, you were able to cross-reference security threat intelligence with your existing processes, as well as modeling this with new technologies you would love to introduce? This would give you rapid insights into how the changes would impact on performance, but also how and where they could make you vulnerable to attack – allowing you to make smart, well-informed decisions that boost the business without increasing risk.

Or, let’s take another example: airports. These are places where thousands of people each day bring their own devices and connect to publicly available WiFi – and, at the same time, they are places that demand the very highest levels of security, both physically and online.

By getting a clear, complete picture of potential security threats, and overlapping this with data on sales and customer satisfaction with WiFi or airport-specific apps, airports can figure out how to create the best possible offering for passengers and partners, while at the same time predicting how security measurements will affect airport lines and flight delays in order to give passengers the best possible airport experience.

By partnering with Palo Alto Networks, Sisense will add a completely new dimension to the insights we deliver to our customers.

Many of you already mash up complex cyber and security data, but this takes things to the next level. Combining Palo Alto Networks’ threat data with traditional information sources such as log files, operational feeds, sales and business data, you’ll be able to uncover instant, crucial insights into how security threats impact on your business.

I’m incredibly excited about this next step in our business – and I hope you are too!

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