By the time we took down our booth, Sisense had received two prestigious Awards at the O’Reilly Big Data Strata conference: The “Best in Show” Award and the #1 vote from the Venture Capital panel at the Big Data Startup Competition event.

We were particularly excited to showcase our technology and it apparently showed! Some participants even grabbed us as we were walking on the street a day later (they cracked up when my CTO rushed to join me on stage to receive the award).

This past week was particularly exciting for us because it gave us a great opportunity to show our technology to a highly technical and knowledge audience. From Bloor Research to Gartner to Silicon Angle, Sisense’s technology got a great reception.

Lots of content is already online but I thought I’d highlight a few useful articles and videos you can check out if you weren’t at the conference.

Ventana Research: Sisense Performance Makes Business Analytics Provider an Award-Winner

Sisense has impressive technology, and is getting some good traction (…) the software does away with the need for a statistician, a data mining engineer or an IT person for that matter.

Full article is here.

Silicon Angle: Don’t Worry About Uncontrollable Data. Sisense Will “Take Care of It.”

Sisense is a complete solution that covers from database to visualization. (…) They start with ElastiCube, which is a high performance analytical database. (…) it automatically detects the relationships between tables and makes the linking of data seamless for the end user.

Video of our interview is here. David Floyer, SiliconAngle’s CTO talks about Sisense’s “impressive demonstration” in his recap here.

O’Reilly: Leveling the playing field of “Big Data”

Amit Bendov talks about Sisense traction and market approach: “we took something that was very complex and made it very simple. It’s like stealing fire from the gods. Now Big Data is not just available to the Fortune 1,000 but for the Fortune 1,000,000 companies”

Video of our interview is here

THANK YOU again all for your support and your passion for our product. Sisense will be at the upcoming GigaOM Structure conference. We look forward to meeting you there!