2012 has been a big year for Sisense and as you are planning your success for 2013, we hope that you are looking at new approaches to Big Data Analytics. Hundreds of customers have already flocked to Sisense’s revolutionary approach and our momentum is accelerating!

In the past few days – Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Quartz, and Business Insider have featured Sisense’s technology, customers and thought leadership.

This adds to the great highlights we’ve been receiving all year long. Here are some examples:

sisense all analytics
AllAnalytics – “The company wants to make big-data analytics available to companies of all sizes – Let’s call it veritable big-data socialism”.
sisense forbes
Forbes – “Sisense’s approach is to democratize big data analysis by presenting it in the normal business language of sales, finance, and marketing”.
sisense quartzcom
Quartz – “In a world where most of its competitors can barely sift through a year’s worth of data with ease, Online Commerce uses Sisense’s big data analytics solution, Prism, to quickly analyze the last five years of its retail history to make better decisions”.
sisense business insider
Business Insider – “if you want to make a place for yourself, your product has to be what your competitors’ products are not: easier, simpler and cheaper”.
sisense gigaom
Giga-OM – ”Sisense…boasts one of the fastest in-memory data analysis platforms around”
tdwi sisense
TDWI – ”Sisense doesn’t propose to take the data warehousing world by storm. No, it plans to parachute in.[…] Given the market segment it’s targeting — business users or business workgroups — this makes sense. Sisense’s show-floor demo at Strata + Hadoop World consisted of a laptop (populated with 8 GB of RAM) crunching a 1 TB dataset.”

There is more – from CRN Awards for “Top Analytics Vendor” and “Technology to see at Hadoop World” and “Company to Watch” in Information Management.

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