Kantar Saves Time and “Wows” Clients with Embedded Analytics

Executive Summary

In an age of unparalleled volumes of customer data, many companies feel data rich but insights poor and impact short. Kantar Analytics Practice’s offering is truly data-agnostic, working not only with Kantar’s own first-party data, but with their clients’ operational and CRM data and with a breadth of third-party behavioral and transactional data sources. The outcome is actionable customer analysis to inform every brand, marketing and sales decision.

However, they were having an issue with tedious manual reporting through PDFs and Powerpoint and needed a more streamlined approach to giving their customers the answers they needed. Rajeev Natarajan, Partner, took the reins on finding a solution. After embedding Sisense in their product, the Analytics Practice was able to “wow” potential customers and save time with report templates.

The Challenge: Manual, Tedious Processes

The Kantar Analytics Practice offerings, across various streams of Brand and Media ROI analytics, are delivered on a custom analytics platform called Athena. While Athena could handle various simulations and optimizations fairly easily, there were a lot of custom and ad-hoc data processing and visualization needs – that varied with projects. Much of this had to be done manually and was adding to the project timelines and costs.

On top of this, about two and a half years ago, the teams started to incorporate continuous modeling. This meant that instead of building a marketing ROI model (with price, distribution, media, and promotion) once and only revisiting it after a year, they started to revisit and revise models every three or six months. This too proved to be too tedious when done manually, though and was not allowing the Analytics Practice to be proactive in helping clients revise their models quickly.

The Search Is On

In order to give their customers the best possible experience with analyzing their data, Rajeev explained that they needed a software that would allow them to embed their standard reports into their customer software using an iFrame. He also needed a solution that allowed for single sign on and could be customized and white labeled to fit Athena’s branding.

Athena’s data sources include a Redshift environment, SQL, flat files, Excel files, and an in-campaign tracking solution. They needed a software that could handle all of those different sources in large amounts and at scale.

Seeing is Believing

As part of their onboarding process, Kantar Analytics Practice likes to do an in-person meeting in order to meet with business users to completely understand everything they want. When having these on-boarding meetings, prior to getting any business user feedback on what they want to see, the consulting teams are able to meet the client with pre-made dashboard views.

“It’s harder when they don’t have anything to see,” Rajeev said. “[Clients] have lots of companies coming to them and saying ‘We can do this, we can do that,’ but unless there’s something to see, play with, and work with, we find it’s much harder for them to come back to us.”

Hero Moment

With a fully white labeled and embedded solution in their platform, the Analytics Practice has been able to build the much-needed data processing and relevant ad-hoc reports quickly for each project.

Moreover, as part of the inception process, the teams have started taking pre-made dashboards when they go and meet with client business users. Generally, they have a client point of contact that will guide what their business is looking for from Analytics Practice. Rajeev says, now with Sisense, they can take the guidelines from their point of contact and, in a matter of a few days, come back to the client with dashboards for iterations and feedback.

In this way, the data has been democratized for Kantar Analytics Practice’s clients and streamlined for the analysts. Talk about a win-win situation.