The Motley Fool Simplifies Data with Data Discovery

The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services company dedicated to building the world’s greatest investment community. Its data team turned to Sisense for Cloud Data Teams in 2015 because other tools they were using weren’t shareable enough with the whole company. They had a lot of data available, but it wasn’t accessible or easily consumable by most employees.

“Sisense for Cloud Data Teams allowed us as a business to all see the same data. It really took data that was in the dark and brought it out into the light,” said Michael Pena, Director of Member Services at The Motley Fool.

They started creating dashboards that were distributed around the whole company. Instead of the 40 to 50 users that were viewing data via a competing BI solution platform, they were now sharing data to more than 250 users at any given time.

“We hadn’t had a good simple tool to tell us, “What were yesterday’s call stats?” Which seems like it would be easy – with Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, it was,” said Pena.

They’ve made quick use of the Data Discovery tool since it was introduced in 2018.

Easy Implementation of the Data Tools

“When they showed me the Data Discovery tool, it was simple enough that I just logged in, picked it up and started playing around with it. I always appreciate tools like that,” said Pena.

“It’s not intimidating for people,” said Johnnie Weathersby, Data Analyst and International BI Lead at The Motley Fool. “They look at Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, they see the drag-and-drop tool, and that’s intuitive for them. They understand that they can make certain calculations in it. If they want to see data a different way, they can build out those views until they get them just the way they want them.” 

Even the C-suite at The Motley Fool has become comfortable with their Sisense for Cloud Data Teams dashboards. Weathersby says executives are comfortable checking the tools themselves on a day-to-day basis and using alerts to better understand data.

“The best way I could describe Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is that it takes something complicated and simplifies it,” said Weathersby. “It’s the great simplifier – it really takes away that threatening part for people and makes data seem more friendly.”