Sisense Data Connector for Google Sheets

Connect Your Online Collaboration with Your BI Insights

Take your web collaboration with Google Sheets to a new level, thanks to the Sisense Google Sheets data connector and the Sisense business intelligence platform. Sisense extends today’s online spreadsheet paradigm to business intelligence as well. Powerful Sisense analytics and interactive dashboards are available to share for all, automatically keeping pace with the changes that users make in their Google Sheets.

Advantages of Using Sisense on Google Sheets

  • Extensive business intelligence functions. Although Google Sheets offers charting features, it does not provide full-featured business intelligence functions. Sisense offers leading data visualization, analytics and business intelligence for rapid, actionable insights.
  • As much or as little data as you want. Sisense ElastiCube technology can handle huge datasets, yet also gives you the flexibility to import only the tables you need. With Google Sheets often used as web data repositories, Sisense lets you work with exactly the amount of data that suits you best.
  • Ease of use right down the line. Connecting to the Google Sheets dataset of your choice is (literally) as easy as ticking a box. Ease of use is built into all the Sisense tools and platform, making productive business intelligence a cinch for non-technical as well as technical users.
  • Anywhere, anytime mobility. With Sisense, business intelligence power is available on mobile computing devices too. Users accustomed to tapping into Google Sheets from their smartphone or their tablet will feel at home with Sisense.
  • Ad hoc exploration taken to a new level. Users get full flexibility and rapidity of data investigation with Sisense. “What-If” scenarios take on a whole new dimension as Sisense extends capabilities for users to ask BI questions on the fly, mash up different datasets instantly, and interact ad hoc with Sisense BI dashboards.

Getting Started

To start using the Sisense Google Sheets Connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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