Sisense Data Connector for MongoDB

An end-to-end solution for MongoDB BI and analytics

The Sisense-MongoDB connector, powered by Simba Technologies, lets you process big, unstructured data stored in MongoDB databases using Sisense’s award-winning analytics engine. This out-of-the-box connector will plug in to any MongoDB source, via Open Database Connectivity, and let you query, join and visualize the data contained therein as part of your holistic business intelligence strategy.

MongoDB made Simple, Fast

Some of the unique advantages of using Sisense to crunch MongoDB data include:

  • SQL on NoSQL: MongoDB is a NoSQL, schema-less database. Using this connector you can run any SQL query directly on MongoDB to make sense of your unstructured data.
  • Immediate query results: Sisense proprietary In-Chip™ technology lets you receive answers to BI queries at unprecedented speed, a particularly useful feature for working with Big Data, to produce rapid MongoDB analytics and reporting.
  • 360 degree view of MongoDB data: Business users can create multiple tables and use Sisense to analyze all of them in one central location, without being limited to a single data collection.
  • ODBC 3.8 connectivity: The Simba-developed ODBC driver takes full advantage of the ODBC 3.8 data standard, including asynchronous execution.
  • Visualized insight: Business users can transform raw data stored in MongoDB into actionable dashboards and generate immediate insights in a stunning graphical environment for MongoDB data visualization.
  • Minimal IT \ internal scripting: Enjoy all the regular benefits of Sisense’s intuitive, end-user oriented interface to quickly get a business analytics solution up and running without mass investment in IT or technical resources.

Getting Started

To start using the Sisense-MongoDB connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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