Sisense Data Connector for Oracle

Expand Your Analytics’ Reach With Sisense and Oracle

Oracle makes the world’s most connected and well-integrated hardware-software solutions and systems designed for business. With such comprehensive tools come extensive data gathering and analysis needs that many systems aren’t capable of handling out of the box. By combining Oracle’s solutions with Sisense data analytics tools, you can create more accurate reports and visualizations based on real-time data.

Sisense lets you share Oracle systems data much faster, gaining better bi insights with interactive and intuitive analytic tools alongside easy-to-use interfaces.

The Benefits of Sisense and Oracle

Integrating Oracle and Sisense tools grants you a variety of key advantages:

  • Organize Real-Time Data With ElastiCube: With massive data streams, organization and ease of access become vital. Sisense’s ElastiCube structures allow you to organize, store, and access data in a simpler and more granular way for better visualizations and insights.
  • Connect to Powerful Visualization Tools: Large data sets are unwieldy and can be hard to properly understand in many cases. By connecting with Sisense dashboards, you can simplify the discovery process by building accurate, real-time visualizations that can provide enhanced insights.
  • Access and Create Reports When They Happen: A major issue with large data sets is the wait to convert them from raw figures into actionable insights. By feeding Oracle data into Sisense analytics tools, you can speed up the process of generating reports to gain access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Improve Dashboards With Real-Time Data: Dashboards are only as good as the insights they deliver. Connecting Oracle tools to Sisense dashboards gives you a more accurate view in real time of what is happening with your software and hardware.

Getting Started

To get started with the Sisense-Oracle connector, follow the instructions listed here.

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