Sisense Data Connector for QuickBooks Desktop

Optimize Your Accounting Insights With Sisense and QuickBooks

Connecting your QuickBooks dashboard with Sisense BI assists with making better financial decisions and smarter plans. When you integrate your QuickBooks database with Sisense, you can give your marketing, budget, and HR teams access to combined data including financial and operational channels. This allows you to derive brighter insights and engage in decision-making based on comprehensive data sets. You can also build dynamic visualizations of your financial data for improved accessibility and better comprehension.

The Benefits of Sisense and QuickBooks

A QuickBooks integration with Sisense BI unlocks several key advantages, including:

  • Tailor your dashboards to your teams’ needs: Adding QuickBooks to your Sisense dashboards lets you include relevant information across each team’s dashboard to help them make smarter budget and operational decisions. This helps you achieve higher savings and perform more efficiently
  • Add depth to your reports: It’s vital for every stakeholder within your organization to have the most up-to-date and accessible data at hand. When you connect to QuickBooks with Sisense, you can create deeper reports that include both operational and financial data for a clearer big picture view.
  • Visualize your financial data: QuickBooks databases can be hard to read for non-financial team members, but dynamic visualizations present an easy way to view and understand your data while discovering new and unexpected insights.
  • Combine your data for new insights: When you integrate QuickBooks with Sisense, you can mash up data from different channels to see its impact on your overall finances. Combine your accounting data with marketing, operational, and sales data to display its impact in real-time.

Connecting to QuickBooks

To start using QuickBooks and Sisense, read the documentation:
Connecting to QuickBooks online
Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop

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