Sisense Data Connector for Salesforce

Agile CRM Management With Sisense BI and SalesForce

Connecting your SalesForce CRM with Sisense can help you better understand your company’s strengths, areas for improvement, and deliver the actionable BI insights you need to enhance your operations. Better understand your company’s historical data, including sales, conversions, and customer success from one unified dashboard. Combine CRM data with other streams from your business to enhance your insights. Keep closer watch on vital KPIs with Sisense Pulse and Alerts, and deploy dynamic data lookup with ElastiCube Manager.

The Benefits of Sisense and SalesForce

Using Sisense to analyze, visualize, and access SalesForce data gives you several key benefits, including:

  • Combine sales data with broader analytics: Create a more comprehensive view of your business by combining CRM data with other streams to gain more actionable insights regarding your sales and acquisitions funnels.
  • Easy-to-track KPIs in real-time: Create custom dashboards and real-time alerts for a variety of KPIs. Track metrics as they enter your data stream and set personalized alerts when thresholds are reached, or quotas met. With Sisense Pulse, you can add KPI widgets to any dashboard to compare results as they unfold.
  • Make your acquisition funnel data granular: Gain deeper insights into how your acquisition funnels are converting visits with a more granular view. See critical data such as deal duration, conversion rates, and visualize how individual team members are performing against aggregate data.
  • Manage more queries and multiple access easily with ElastiCubes: By using super-fast data stores that can tolerate high levels of queries simultaneously, companies can take full advantage of their BI tools with multiple parallel applications and inquiries. Create more agile data structures for sales and conversions.

Getting Started

To start using the Sisense-Salesforce connector, simply follow the instructions here.

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