The Embedded Analytics Platform for Rapid Development at Scale

Quickly deliver powerful embedded analytics without compromising agility or performance as you grow.

With Sisense, Product teams are free to do what they do best—create value for their clients by enabling data-driven decision making and self-service analysis. Sisense makes it easy for Product teams to seamlessly integrate embedded analytics into their applications without worrying about the analyticsyour BI platform development and deployment.

Fully Customize, Extend, and Embed Analytics

Eliminate long, complex development processes with Sisense’s API-First design. Sisense’s suite of APIs and Developer Toolkits empower developers to launch fully-integrated embedded analytics, tailored to specific business requirements. Match your desired look and feel and deliver a consistent and seamless user experience to increase mindshare and stickiness.

Support Growth with Unparalleled Scalability

Grow rapidly and launch services quickly without worry about additional resources, cost, and performance issues. Cloud-native architecture combined with Sisense's ground-breaking Elastic Data Engine and API-driven automation let you bring on more data and users with the power of true cloud-agnostic scaling and resiliency.

Seamlessly Fit Sisense into Your Deployment Workflow

Drastically reduce the time and effort taken to incorporate analytics into your deployment workflow. Deploy in a single-tenant, multi-tenant, or partially multi-tenant configuration on the cloud, on-prem, or in a hybrid environment. Sisense’s APIs, modular architecture, and monitoring tools allow you to manage and automate your deployments at scale.

Lowest TCO at Scale

Bring your product to market with minimal resources and realize ROI faster than ever before.

”When I could go from concept to being in production with over 1000 users in just 75 days, that was just something unheard of! That was my biggest excitement over the whole project.”
Melinda Jepsen, Orion Portfolio Accounting Services

Drive Impact with Market Differentiation and Additional Revenue Generation

Sisense simplifies the development and management of your analytics, so you can worry about driving value. Leverage Sisense to open up new revenue streams, increase win ratios, and gain a powerful competitive advantage.

Mashup, Manage, and Govern Data in One Place

Combine multiple sources data in reusable data models, connect live to databases, and enable multiple analysis from each flexible data model. The Elastic Data Engine, with its unique logical mashup layer, provides a unified platform to mashup data from any source, streamline data management, and enables secure access for builders and end-users regardless of the underlying data infrastructure.

Adaptive Governance with Robust Security

Govern access and multi-level security with a robust and flexible security architecture that provides fine-grain control across users and assets. Handle single-tenant or multi-tenant security models from a single administrative hub or programmatically through Sisense APIs. Built-in tools such as Usage Analytics makes it easy to track user activity and engagement.

True Partnership For Your Success

Sisense is committed to ensuring that you maximize the ROI from your BI platform through a successful embedded analytics strategy. Experience Sisense's industry-leading customer satisfaction through dedicated teams who will support and guide you at every step of your deployment—from building the right processes and structures required for embedded analytics to go-live focused on-boarding, launch, and expansion.

Why do product-driven organizations choose Sisense?

Sisense is purpose-built for agile teams to leverage rapid development features and ease-of-use throughout. Take the platform for a test drive, or let us show you why Sisense is rated so highly for Customer Satisfaction.