Autoscaling of Cloud-Native Apps Lowers TCO and Improves Availability

Automation has been the dream of workers since the dawn of the industrial revolution. As technology became more complex,...

Sisense at AWS reinvent 2019 featured image
Business Perspectives | 4 min read

Sisense at AWS re:Invent — Helping Enterprises Win in the Analytic Apps Economy

AWS re:Invent is the single most important gathering of builders every year. As an AWS Data & Analytics Competency...

Charles Holive avatar image Charles Holive
BI Best Practices | 4 min read

How To Calculate Average Sales

Why Measure Average Sales?How To Calculate?A Variant Average Sales CalculationOther KPIs You Can Include No matter what industry you’re...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty

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Streamline reporting featured image
BI Best Practices | 6 min read

How to Streamline Report Management to Enhance Your Data-Driven Business

A critical part of effectively exploring your data, transforming it into actionable insights, and enhancing decision-making for your business...

Scott Malish avatar image Scott Malish
AI replace data engineers
Business Perspectives | 7 min read

Will AI Assist Data Engineers or Replace Them?

Humans losing jobs to robots has been the preoccupation of economists and sci-fi writers alike for almost 100 years....

Inna Tokarev Sela avatar image Inna Tokarev Sela
Business Perspectives | 4 min read

The Real Difference Between Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting and business intelligence are often used to refer to the same thing — but wrongly so!

Sisense Data Team avatar image Sisense Data Team
BI Best Practices | 5 min read

5 Steps to Data-Driven Business Decisions

Step 1: StrategyStep 2: Identify key areasStep 3: Data targetingStep 4: Collecting and analysing Step 5: Action Items Want...

Elana Roth avatar image Elana Roth
Business Perspectives | 4 min read

Data Science vs. Data Analytics — What’s the Difference?

What Is Data Science?What Is Data Analytics?What Is the Difference? Big data has become a major component in the...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty
Business Perspectives | 3 min read

How to Calculate Year-Over-Year Growth

What is YOY Growth?How to Calculate YOY?Real-World Examples When it comes time to check your company’s monthly metrics, it’s...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
BI Best Practices | 8 min read

Answering Complex Usage Questions with Product Analytics

Measuring engagement with a business product is difficult. Users often spend hours per day in a business tool where...

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle
BI Best Practices | 8 min read

Five Steps for Building a Successful BI Strategy

We’ve been talking a lot recently about companies needing to use their data in order to stay in business...

Yonatan Landau avatar image Yonatan Landau
BI Best Practices | 1 min read

How Skullcandy Uses Predictive and Sentiment Analysis to Understand Customers

Skullcandy’s journey with advanced analytics started with our product development team daring to ask three big questions:

Guest avatar image Guest
Business Perspectives | 6 min read

Taking Smarter Risks to Monetize Your Data

For modern organizations, data is the ultimate building block. High profile companies are using data to build profitable new...

Charles Holive avatar image Charles Holive
BI Best Practices | 4 min read

Why Your BI and Analytics Platform Should be Cloud-Agnostic

In the early days of software development, applications were built to run on a single, compatible, physical machine. With...

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle