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The only self-service data and analytics platform that lets you skip data preparation nightmares and deliver business-critical insights from one single source of truth — to everyone on your team.

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Connect and Analyse Data in Any Department
Without IT Bottlenecks

Data is often the first resource that an organisation turns to when evaluating performance and planning efficiencies. Often, users run into problems accessing and analysing data to answer important business questions, resulting in data chaos that costs the business both time and money.

Explore & Collaborate

The Sisense Data Analytics Platform makes it incredibly easy to analyse data from any platform or tech stack and transform it into actionable visualisations.

Simplify Complex Data and Analysis

Combine data from multiple data sources into a single source of truth.

Unify All Your Departmental Data in One Central Place

Unify multiple data sources into one centralised location with Sisense’s end-to-end technology. Easily join data from multiple locations with little to no help from IT, leaving plenty of time to concentrate on analysing the data for insights instead of scripting and coding.

Join Different Data Sources with a Simple Drag and Drop

With Sisense, you can choose from hundreds of built-in connectors to join multiple data sources and formats. Combine Excel files, Google Adwords and Analytics, information from a CRM, and built-in integration with cloud applications like Zendesk and Salesforce.

Create a Single Version of Truth for the Entire Company

Get 100% accuracy with all your data in one place, no matter how large or disparate the sources. Make decisions that will impact the business by taking into account all departments, knowing that everyone has the same data from a unified source of truth.

Quick Deployment and Adaptation

Get your data-driven strategy started with a BI platform that is quick to deploy and easy for everyone in the organisation to use.

Build Interactive Dashboards with Any Technical Skill Level

Build interactive dashboards and reports with simple drag-and-drop functionality then effortlessly explore all your data. Build apps with widgets and filters that can be added and removed in a click, and leverage AI-assisted exploration and automatic analysis to deliver insights — no matter what your skill level.

Visualise Insights from Live and Cached Data

Use a rich library of out-of-the box visualisations to gain insights and tell a story with any data. Manage these visualisations from a graphical UI that is easy to navigate for business users.

Query Big Data at Record Breaking Speeds

Sisense uses a proprietary AI-powered In-Chip™ Accelerator technology to power analysis on 100 times more data at 10 times the speed of current in-memory solutions — all while supporting thousands of queries.

Drive Impact

Deliver insights that everyone can use to drive the business forward.

Empower Everyone with Valuable Insights

Everyone in your organisation can access web-based dashboards that are easy to filter and share. Publish dashboards and analytic apps in one click, then drill into insights that the entire company can access — without downloading any files.

Receive Insights in Real Time

Create live connections to data and monitor your dashboards in real time. Then, set up alerts on your KPIs to receive automatic updates when changes occur. Report on insights that are up to date with the current situation, and allow everyone in your organisation to gain more independence by having direct access to the dashboards without having to ask for them.

Get Insights on the Go: Any Place, Any Time, Any Device

Access dashboards on any device including desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Check your dashboard while on the move to see new insights. Choose to receive push notifications and receive up-to-date data in seconds.

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