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“Sisense is redefining how people interact with data, giving them the data they want in its simplest form. The company is building a bridge between BI and the real world of devices.”


“Nevermind spreadsheets. Sisense is testing whether active, visceral insights can change human behaviors—and business outcomes.”


“Sisense Hooks BI Application Up to New Types of User Interfaces.”


“Sisense is taking user self-service for analytics to the next level through integration with Amazon Echo and IoT devices.”


“Sisense-Amazon Echo integration lets you ask Alexa questions about your business data.”


“How Amazon Echo Could Serve as Your New Business Analyst – Fortune

Introducing Sisense Bots

The Sisense Bot creates a new way to consume business insights, enabling everyday users to engage in two-way dialogue through instant-message conversations about their data — putting a human “face” and a personality behind Business Intelligence.

Introducing Sisense Bot

Sisense Everywhere Devices:

The Next Realm Of Business Analytics

Analyzing data no longer requires being anchored to a screen. By using the technology, Sisense-enabled devices broadcast business KPIs to all the senses, making consumption of insights immediate and simple.

Simplifying Complex Data Consumption

Sisense-BI everywhere devices are bringing insights closer to savvy business users.


Amazon Echo >

Interact more naturally with your data by asking questions and hearing results in real time.


Sisense Enabled Bulb >

Drive human behavior with changing colors in response to changing business conditions and KPIs.

Introducing Sisense Bot

Bot >

Create a new way to consume data with two-way dialogue through instant-message conversations about your data.

a Sisense

Imagine you’re driving to work and can ask your voice-operated BI assistant:
“What is my sales target for today?”

a Sisense

Imagine being able to focus your entire team on improving customer satisfaction just by having them glance at the Sisense BI Everywhere bulb, green means on target and red means take action.

a Sisense

Imagine stepping into a conference room for a quarterly business review and experiencing your data insights hovering around you.

Sisense brings imagination to life

The Sisense Everywhere line is now available to a select few.
Be the first to try the next generation of data consumption and apply for access to the Sisense Bulb, Sisense Enabled Echo, and Sisense Bot framework.

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Sisense-Enabled devices available from our partners:

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Redefining How we Interact with Data

“When I see that bulb change, I get a real sense of satisfaction. It’s provided a direct way for us to see how data is changing. The bulb gives me peace of mind because I can see a light change rather than monitoring a screen.”


Respond to Changes in Real-Time

“I think I find it easier to relate to color and sound than a dashboard. I have seen a change in my behaviour using these tools, specifically around time to react – understand when something is changing and going to look at metrics to find out why.”




Live Closer to Your Data

“Bulb is the KPI that you don’t need to load up on one of your screen, it’s not just another browser window. It’s this physical piece that’s simply part of your life. It’s a simple product with a powerful way of telling you whether things are going well.”


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Brought To You by Sisense

The analytics innovation leader that simplifies BI for complex data is now taking efficient data consumption one step further. Sisense Everywhere enables devices to push data beyond the screen, illuminating insights through Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and human’s innate sensory perceptions. Sisense is once again simplifying the way you consume and interact with data.

Simplify the way
you consume and interact with data

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