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Content lady who uses her writing skills, marketing experience and strong sense of trending topics to bring truly amazing technologies to the masses.
Unlock Complex Data | 5 min read

Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics — Know the Difference

Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) both provide tools for handling and making sense of your data. Learn the distinctions between these two terms.

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Comment traduire les buts commerciaux en KPI

« Nous avons confiance en Dieu. Que tous les autres apportent des données. » W. Edwards Deming, statisticien et scientifique de la...

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BI Budget 2020 Featured
| 10 min read

Intégration de l’informatique décisionnelle à votre budget 2019

Il s’agit d’un résumé. Découvrez le guide complet sur l’intégration de l’informatique décisionnelle au budget de votre entreprise ici....

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Launch Your First BI Project Successfully in 5 Days or Less

What would it mean to you and your enterprise, if you could start getting useful business insights from your...

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ad hoc reporting

What Is Ad Hoc Reporting – And Do I Need It?

We all know the saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail,” but in modern business environments, things are moving...

Elana Roth avatar image Elana Roth

5 Steps to Data-Driven Business Decisions

Step 1: StrategyStep 2: Identify key areasStep 3: Data targetingStep 4: Collecting and analyzing Step 5: Action Items Want...

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Embedded Analytics

3 Performance-Boosting Embedded Analytics Use Cases

Organizations that analyze their data can gain insights into their markets and their operations, become more productive and competitive,...

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How to Calculate Total Cost of Ownership for Business Intelligence

Imagine you’re comparing gym memberships to figure out which one offers the best value. Sure, you could simply look at...

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Hands holding puzzle pieces

6 Enterprise Software Applications No Business Should be Without

These days, we all have our head in the Cloud – and it turns out, that’s a good thing....

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data warehouse
Topo techno | 7 min read

Hadoop and Data Warehousing: Rivals, Dream Team or the New B-List?

Spare a thought for that grand dame of the data management world, the data warehouse. Over the past two decades,...

Elana Roth avatar image Elana Roth

Business Intelligence When You Don’t Know How to Code

When the UI functionality of a BI tool does not allow users to formulate queries without knowing a programming language,...

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