REST API Testing Strategy: What Exactly Should You Test?

The API layer of any application is one of the most crucial software components. It is the channel which...

Data Connectors to make building analytic apps easier

5 techniques pour passer à la vitesse supérieure en matière d’analyse de données

Données quantitatives VS données qualitativesMesurer les données quantitativesMesurer les données qualitatives Mettre en place une suite logicielle dédiée à...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty
Topo techno | 16 min read

How to Build a Performant Data Warehouse in Redshift

Having seven years of experience with managing Redshift, a fleet of 335 clusters, combining for 2000+ nodes, we (your...

Sisense Data Team avatar image Sisense Data Team

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Topo techno | 3 min read

SQL, Python, and R — Why You Need a Unified Analytics Stack

Python, R, and Analytics SQL is a critical skill for business intelligence. From accessing to transforming to reporting on...

Adam Bonefeste avatar image Adam Bonefeste
Sisense News | 4 min read

Deliver AI-Powered Analytics Apps on Cloud-Native Sisense

Introducing Sisense Release Q3 2019 Just over two years ago, our CEO, Amir Orad, delivered an internal announcement that...

Adam Blau avatar image Adam Blau
Topo techno | 5 min read

AI in Analytics: The NLQ Use Case

In my previous blog, I wrote about Natural Language Query (NLQ, or search analytics for some), as one of...

Inna Tokarev Sela avatar image Inna Tokarev Sela
Topo techno | 12 min read

How Sisense Engineered Its Cloud-Native Linux Deployment From the Ground Up

A couple of weeks ago, we officially launched the Cloud-Native Sisense on Linux deployment after a successful beta release...

Ariel Noy avatar image Ariel Noy
Topo techno | 8 min read

3 Ways Data Engineers Can Deal with Enterprise Data Pipelines

Data engineers are considered the real builders in the data world today, and one of the main reasons is...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty
Topo techno | 6 min read

Automate While You Migrate: Cloud Automation Tools and You

Migrating your data to the cloud is a huge undertaking, rife with challenges and obstacles. It’s also an opportunity...

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak
modern databases
Topo techno | 6 min read

Different Types of Databases for Modern Data Challenges

We live in an era of Big Data. The sheer volume of data currently existing is huge enough without...

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak
Business Perspectives | 6 min read

Partnerships in Tech: The When, Why, and How

Forming human relationships is one of the most basic and important skills we need to survive. We need relationships...

Lio Fleishman avatar image Lio Fleishman