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The Modern Platform for Enterprise Business Intelligence

Sisense accelerates end-to-end BI workflows regardless of complexity or scale

Sisense drastically reduces time-to-insights by allowing business teams to autonomously analyze and visualize complex data without IT workflows. Sisense is the only end-to-end Enterprise BI platform that bridges the gap between legacy BI and modern data-discovery tools, providing a scalable Single-Stack™ solution for your entire BI
workflow at the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Sisense Difference

Enterprise B.I. Is Complex. Simplify It.

Whether you’re managing complex enterprise data from many sources or scaling governance and adoption, Sisense’s enterprise platform simplifies and optimizes BI workflows to reduce operational cost and resource expenditure.

Tame Your Enterprise Data Landscape with the Elastic Data Hub

Combine multi-source data into reusable models, connect live to high-performance databases, and enable multiple analysis from each flexible data model. The Elastic Data Hub accelerates data mashup from any source, streamlines data management, and enables secure access for builders and end-users from a single interface.

Adaptive Governance With Robust Security

Start governing access and multi-level security from a single administrative hub. Streamline management of security, sign-ons, and data access manually or programmatically depending on IT need. Built-in administrative tools such as such as Usage Analytics dashboards and group-level security make it easy to implement and
maintain corporate security protocols.
“When I could go from concept to being in production with over 1000 users in just 75 days, that was just something unheard of! That was my biggest excitement over the whole project.”
Melinda Jepsen, Orion Portfolio Accounting Services, ORION

Enterprise Business IT at Scale

Scaling to meet enterprise demands does not need to be expensive and time-consuming. Sisense’s open Single-Stack™ and In-Chip® technology powers scaling up users, data, or complex analysis as required without extra infrastructure or consultants.

Drive Impact With The Lowest TCO at Scale

Optimize resources and eliminate back-and-forths between IT and business teams, drastically reduce time-to-insights, and facilitate deeper discovery as new information
is exposed. Enable analysts and users to mashup, prepare, analyze, and explore data, then deliver full control of insight drill-down as required across devices and use cases.

End-To-End Business Autonomy

Eliminate tech-heavy requirements for data analysis and enable more people across your organization to adopt and act on business data. With intuitive user interfaces, no proprietary languages to learn, and AI-powered assistance throughout, there’s no need for on-hand power users to execute functions and deliver business insight.

Customization-Ready Architecture

The Sisense enterprise platform architecture is designed with versatility and custom tailoring in mind. There is no need to wrestle with clunky customization libraries requiring long, complex development cycles. Even the most in-depth changes can be handled with ease through the platform's purpose-built APIs, developer libraries, and customization tools.

True Partnership for Your Success

Included in your Sisense license is our commitment to ensuring that you realize the highest possible ROI from your BI platform. Dedicated teams are on-hand at every step of deployment, management, and growth. Experience Sisense’s industry-leading customer service and get results with no hidden costs.

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