Sisense Self-Service: Empowering Non-Technical Users with Deep Insights

With Sisense for Cloud Data Teams self-service, data teams can give non-technical users the tools they need to explore insights without code. Reduce your data team’s backlog of requests and free them up to focus on strategic analysis.

Handle tough data challenges without code

Business teams of all kinds have big demands for in-depth analyses and data teams just don’t have the resources to tackle them all. Sisense empowers non-SQL analysts to build data models and dashboards, allowing business teams to drill down and answer their own questions.

Remove skillset bottlenecks, free up resources for strategic analysis

Self-service analytics remove bottlenecks due to lack of technical skills. End-users can build dashboards and navigate dashboard drill pathways on their own. This frees up data teams to use their specialized skillset on new analyses that will drive the business forward.

Deliver secure, easy-to-govern analytics 

Once the data team has established a single source of truth for their business logic, Sisense makes it easy to govern self-service workflows and empower users to work with models while preserving the integrity of the underlying datasets.

Sisense Self-Service: An Interactive, Autonomous User Experience

Sisense empowers non-technical users to engage with insights and answer their second, third, and fourth question on their own.

Simple, powerful tools for non-technical users

  • Visual-based data modeling
    Simply select the desired tables or materialized views to get started and anyone who understands data can visually model your data.

  • Visual-based dashboard creation
    Simple point-and-click dashboard creation allows non-technical users to create dashboards that suit their needs.

  • Dashboard Collaboration
    Empower users to collaborate effortlessly within dashboards to speed decision-making and promote a data-driven culture.

  • Mobile Support
    Access Sisense analytics when, where, and how it makes sense for your users.

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