What Does it Mean?

An NPS—or Net Promoter Score—is a customer service metric that tracks customer loyalty to a specific brand or service. For call centers, NPS customer service KPIs track the question “how likely is it that you would recommend a service to an acquaintance?” The metric works both on a transactional level—based on individual interactions with agents—and a relationship level—measured over intervals to determine ongoing views of a company.

A Customer Satisfaction NPS Sisense Dashboard

Why Does it Matter?

More than other performance metrics, NPS gives you an easy-to-understand and intuitive score that exhibits how customers feel about your company. Its transactional nature also lets you easily calculate it on a rolling basis by adding it as a question once your interaction with customers is complete.

You can integrate it directly into customer service dashboards and let agents see how well they’re performing, and measure it on a company-wide level to get a better idea of overall efficiency and customer success.

How Do You Measure the KPI?

Measuring NPS customer service KPIs starts with posing two questions to customers, either directly after an interaction has concluded, or at set intervals of time:

  1. How likely is it that you would recommend a service to a friend or colleague?
  2. Why?

The answer to the first question is given on a scale of 1 to 10. Responders are grouped into promoters (score of 9 or 10), passives (7 to 8), or detractors (0 to 6). The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

What Sources Would You Use to Measure the KPI?

Due to its customer-focused nature, NPS data can come from customer-facing sources such as questionnaires, periodic surveys, or other similar data-gathering tools.

Give Me an Example…

Imagine you’ve noticed a lack of growth across your call center. Customers are not calling in, and when they do, they’re abandoning calls quickly, or not completing them all the way. You can focus on your employees’ performance and discover problems relating to how your operation is structured, but that is only part of the picture.

NPS customer service metrics can help you comprehend why you’re not growing. Before understanding if the problem is on your back- or front-end, you can use NPS to determine whether your customers are happy and willing to keep working with you.

What Benchmarks/Indicators Should I Use?

  • NPS surveys
  • Average speed to answer
  • Average handling time

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