Export Dashboard to PPT

By QBeeQ

This plugin enables any user to export an entire dashboard to a pixel perfect Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with 1 click. No need to copy paste an entire dashboard widget by widget! The option is added to the ‘Download’ menu for any user, under the dashboard menu.



This export will generate a new PPT file which will be downloaded to the user’s PC. The layout of the slides of the PPT presentation will resemble the original dashboard layout and structure according to the height of the rows and will allocate them in the PPT slide accordingly. The exported dashboard and widgets will present the data to the current dashboard filter scope, once the filter scope is changed, or if the data has been updated, one can re-export the file to present the new data.

Each widget will be exported while cropping out unnecessary white spaces for pixel perfect reporting.

The exported file name will be the name of the dashboard and the timestamp of the export.


Original Dashboard:

PPT Slide result:



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