Publish View Add-On

By Sisense

The Publish View add-on is used to selectively publish Sisense Widgets (Tables / Aggregate Tables) as views that serve as the basis of all NLQs and data access within Sisense infusion Apps.

You must download and install the plugin to use the following Infusion Apps.


  1. Download
  2. Extract the files from the zip archive and place the PublishView and PluginUtils  files in your Sisense installation.
    For Linux installations, add the files to the Plugins folder in the following path:
    Admin > System Management > File Management > Plugins


To configure the Publish View plugin on a widget: 

  1. In a dashboard, add a Table widget and click   to enter the edit mode for the widget.
  2. Select the widgets Options menu and select Publish As View.
  3. Enter a name and description for the View and click Publish.  (The View name must be unique across the Sisense instance)
  4. Set the filters for the view:
    Add a widget filter for each field you want want to expose for filtering in the NLQ.
    Set default filters that establish the perspective you want for the view.
  5. Flag the widget fields appropriately.  Select the columns option menu and select Infused View Options. You can select any of the following options
    Unique Identifier: The field used when performing a count on the view. (Defaults to first field)
    Default Measure: The main measure which quantifies the view, e.g. Order Amount (Defaults to first field)
    Visible in View: Flags whether this column is displayed in the initial preview (Mainly applicable to bots)
    Aggregation: Sets the aggregation for a field when doing a summary analysis
    Header Field: This field holds the header value when the records are displayed.
    Hyperlink: Adds a hyperlink on a field that links to the source data. The link can reference other fields with the notation. e.g.
This is a free add-on, click here to get it now.