Share Folder

By QBeeQ


By default, one can share only a single dashboard at a time. This plugin enables one to share an entire folder via the Sisense UI. This saves much time when a dashboard designer would like to publish many dashboards from a development instance to production, or when sharing several dashboards in a bulk. This is also a swift and effective solution when certain BI builders/developers or champions shift from their existing roles or responsibilities, all their previous work can be easily transferred.

Note: Dashboard folder ownership change as well as additional features are on our immediate roadmap. Stay tuned for new releases.

Step 1:

Step 2:


With this plugin you will be able to:

  • Share an entire folder
  • Share with single users or groups
  • Determine viewer or designer permissions
  • Remove users or groups from being shared with
  • Subscribe users or groups to automated email reports for an entire folder

Immediate Roadmap

New features to be introduced

  • Change ownership of entire folder
  • Sub-folder selection
  • Specific dashboard checkbox


  • This plugin does not work in incognito mode
  • In order to share a folder first browse to Sisense home page, then proceed to share



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