Partner Resources

Sisense Partners Academy

Through the partner LMS platform, you and your team will get certified, access sales and tech materials, and learn best practices.

Partner Insights

You can access sisense data here and use our dashboards to keep track of your projects, customers, and enablement progress.

Training Server

Practice server that will help you during your certification process.

Recordings Library

Get access to our recordings library. You can access webinars and other materials to get better with Sisense.

Upcoming Events

Find out about and register for upcoming events.

Jump Start Materials

Access all the Jumpstart by Partner materials in one place.


Large amounts of support resources enabling you to offer first-line support to your customer.


Contact support / open a ticket for you or your customers.


Our accounting platform for generating purchase orders.

Presentation Server

Use our presentation server to build top-notch dashboard presentations.

Partner Portal

All-Bound contains sales and marketing materials for your use. In addition, you can add new opportunities and monitor new leads.

Sisense Documentation

Here you can find our latest docs, separation between Linux and Windows articles, updated taxonomy and hierarchy, content audit proofing, and more!