Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

  • iSOCRATES proudly offers proven, dedicated and cost-effective onshore-offshore 24/7/365 evaluation, selection, implementation, optimization, training, support and ongoing management of the full range of Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics platforms, products and solutions.
  • We apply these skills exclusively on behalf of North American and international client-partners with media and marketing service needs, including publishers, marketers and the firms that support them(e.g., agencies, data/technology providers, and other consultants).
  • As marketing and advertising technology and operations specialists, iSOCRATES takes pride in our current and historical experience with successfully architecting, building, delivering, documenting, and supporting all aspects related to data, business intelligence, reporting and analytics.
  • From evaluation to contracting, from conducting Fast Start programs to optimization, from ongoing outsourcing to select staff augmentation, iSOCRATES is proud of our track record of sustained partner success.
  • Since becoming one of the first Sisense Linux customers in 2019, iSOCRATES has deployed Sisense deeply and successfully throughout every department and function internally and with 100% of our client-partners.
  • At 40 FTEs currently, we are known in the MAdTech(Marketing Technology and Advertising Technology industry) as a global end-to-end data, analytics and BI leader having executed many dozens of successful projects for leaders throughout North America, Western Europe and Asia while supporting more than a dozen always-on client-partners for years.
  • Our Sisense Practice includes Consulting and Tech-Enabled Services. We offer end-to-end accountability: concept/design/build/deploy/train/support. Our systems and people, yours or a mix.

Sisense Services Provided

iSOCRATES offers a full suite of Sisense services with a specific focus on supporting Sales and Marketing and those who enable Sales and Marketing among media companies, marketers, agencies, and their suppliers like data and tech companies. iSOCRATES proven Sisense BI specialists possess extensive training and hands-on experience with partner and in-house deployments applying directly relevant skills, knowledge and capabilities.

These solutions include:

  • Sisense Strategy and Operations Consulting as well as Managed Services
  • Establishing needs and requirements, building widgets, creating and deploying plug-ins and libraries
  • Advanced dashboard and scorecard design, including UI/UX and journeys
  • Data Hygiene; Extraction, Transformation, Loading(ETL); and, Trade Element Mapping Systems(TEMS)
  • Advanced ElastiCube and Data Science modeling
  • Intranet and extranet portal and command center design, build, deployment and ongoing support
  • Affordable 24/7/365 Sisense-certified architects, data engineers, developers, analysts, trainers, QA/testing/documentation, and DevOps
  • Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Development, including cloud and Linux skills
  • Engineering
  • Data Science(incl R, Python, modeling)
  • Dashboards and Scorecard Design
  • Tag Management
  • Project Management
  • API Development
  • Data integrations
  • Software Embedding
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Optimization

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • iSOCRATES has successfully implemented Sisense in iSOCRATES’s own MAdTechTM unified enhanced BI platform for internal and client-partner use, enabling us to make business-critical decisions using the full range of our own operational data. Fed by 150+ internal and external data feeds, we have created and deployed 150+ dashboards and scorecards that m­­­­­­easure in all aspects of business, including: Executive, Data, Operations, Sales and Marketing, HR and Recruiting, and Finance and Accounting.
  • Nearly a dozen iSOCRATES client-partners in B2C and B2C media and marketing currently run 24/7/365 MarTech and/or AdTech campaign planning, buying/selling, management, optimization, reporting and analytics on Sisense for Teams Linux Version. This includes activities like Email, Paid Search, Paid Social, and Programmatic Display/Video/Native among other media and marketing channels.  Before Sisense, this work was complex, time-consuming, human error-prone, and information for both execution and managerial oversight was slow and hard to come by in a timely way. It also required specific technical skill, not necessary with Sisense day-to-day users.
  • Highly valuable log-level data analysis and the data science related to it is now widely available to iSOCRATES and its client-partners 24/7/365 courtesy of Sisense. This granular, Big Data which had been so hard to process affordably and quickly is increasingly critical to insight and to optimization for many of our client-partners.

Operating Countries

  • Global with offices in U.S.A. and India


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Tamil

Company Contact Information

Headquarters location: St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.

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Primary contact person: William A. (“Bill”) Lederer, Chairman and CEO
Phone: 1 (727) 316-9501
Email: [email protected]