March 22, 2017

eTT Aviation Leverages Sisense to Modernize the Airline Industry Through Expanded Business Analytics

An emerging leader in airline crew and flight schedule management systems embeds market-leading business analytics capabilities to strengthen its customers’ situational awareness, productivity, and profitability.

NEW YORK, NYSisense, disrupting the BI market by simplifying business analytics for complex data, today announces that eTT Aviation has signed a long-term agreement to embed Sisense’s market leading BI in its technology platform, replacing archaic processes within the airline industry with modern and intuitive interfaces and real-time reporting for its customers.

eTT Aviation specializes in airline crew and flight schedule management with two proprietary and revolutionary products: “Crew Companion” and “SkedFlex” – reinventing how airlines achieve schedule flexibility, compliance and control.

Sisense’s embedded analytics and visualization will allow eTT’s airline customers to run reports in near-real-time to determine how many planes are in the air at the moment, crew member location and flight status, as well as if they are able to swap out a plane, part or crew member. The tracking and reporting system also becomes a critical asset for regular and irregular operations, enabling airlines to know where all assets are in a timely and visual manner. With real-time visibility and reporting capabilities, airlines will be able to improve customer satisfaction and profitability by minimizing flight cancellations and delays – a top business concern for the industry

Historically, in the aviation industry, extracting data from scores of data sources, Excel spreadsheets and reports is a manual, workload intensive process that struggled to produce illuminating results,” said Tom LaJoie, founder and president of eTT Aviation. “Integrating Sisense is a logical and significant progression from what was basic management of an airline’s complex data to powerful analytics that will allow our customers to operate at levels far more efficiently and profitably than could have been achieved using traditional and archaic data management methods. The decision to choose Sisense was based on its established reputation for exceptional customer support, ease-of-use, and product agility. The choice has already proven to be a wise one.

Using Sisense, eTT is able to bring in data from a variety of sources and then merge, manipulate and query data as if it was one consolidated data set. The project to embed Sisense’s analytics in eTT’s platform took only seven weeks.

“We at Sisense look to continuously lead with innovation and are thrilled to be helping a pioneering company such as eTT Aviation, whose goals are closely aligned to ours,” said Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense. “Taking the aviation industry to the next level and solving pain-points which have existed for years is hugely gratifying. We’re proud of our work helping eTT reshape airline operations by simplifying business analytics and turning complex data into insights everywhere.”

About eTT Aviation

Based in Eagle, ID, and founded in 2002, eTT Aviation provides automated crew and aircraft management and tracking systems for charter and regional airlines, as well as automated employee shift trading and aircrew trip trading systems for large airlines and companies in other industries. In total, eTT Aviation’s two innovative products, “SkedFlex” and “Crew Companion,” support over 40,000 employees at global, regional, charter and cargo airlines.