Easy Data Preparation and Analytics
for Any Data

From messy data to beautiful dashboards – Sisense gives you the simplest way to analyze and visualize complex data.

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Explore big or disparate datasets
with complete agility

Data Preparation, Reimagined

Forget about data warehouses, OLAP cubes and star schemas. Sisense lets you create and manage complex data models from multiple sources in a simple drag & drop environment anyone can understand.

data analytics software
data analytics tools

Interactive Analytics

See your data come to life in interactive web dashboards with a host of stunning visualization options. Explore all your data from any angle and at any granularity to reach real insights, fast.

Interactive Analytics

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Instant Deployment
Open Platform
Immediate ROI

Instant answers as the analysis progresses even for large datasets


Fast/Agile analysis speeds time to insight by eliminating common roadblocks

Drill down to the most granular raw data across all data sources.
Add tables from multiple sources without creating aggregations, indexes, or summary tables in advance.
Incorporate new data on the fly without a DBA or specialized scripting.

Initial setup in hours/days instead of weeks/months

Instant Deployment

True business self-service with minimum IT, even for large or disparate data sets

Skip most of the typical data preparation chores.
Use high-end data analytics software that removes the need for dedicated DBAs or data denormalization.

Taking the burden off IT


IT friendly platform

Powerful data processing engine eliminates most preliminary data transformations.
Maintain a single, complete solution rather than a patchwork of data warehouse, ETL and visualization tools – even for complex data.
Self-service for analysts and business users: no need to denormalize the data or to create aggregations, indexes or summary tables in advance; Unparalleled data and user scalability on a single node, without clusters.

Open Platform: unparalleled flexibility & robust data governance

Open Platform

Extensible and embeddable open platform

Click and add universe of third party plugins.
Fully customizable via REST and JavaScript APIs.
Built-in Single Sign On and Active Directory integration.
Data analytics tool with enterprise-level data security and role-based access down to the row level, in addition to user, dashboard and database permissions.

See immediate ROI from your BI project

Immediate ROI

Most cost effective solution for complex data

Single-Stack business intelligence software that scales with your business, without the need for supplementary tools.
Unique technology allows you to serve 1,000 users on a single machine.
Patent-pending In-Chip engine tackles Big Data on commodity hardware.
No need for large IT investments or external consultants to either deploy or maintain.


We’ve Got You Covered


Decisions makers can easily monitor KPIs and get a holistic view of the company with automated web-based dashboard reporting.



Spend time on extracting meaningful insights, not data prep. Jump right into data analysis: run any query you can think of and get answers on the spot.

Data Analyst


Create a secure data repository on-premises or in the cloud, and deliver complex datasets ready for analysis with easy data preparation and minimal maintenance.



Integrate Sisense into your existing software for powerful customer-facing analytics and data visualization.


Learn more about how Sisense can help make your complex data analytics simple:

Product Overview (PDF)

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Sisense gives you a single solution to analyze your complex data that would otherwise require an entire assembly line of tools and a department of specialists to operate them.

See What Sets Us Apart

See What Sets Us Apart
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