Deliver Insights to Everyone

One Platform, Three Packages

Insights on Complex Data, so Everyone Wins

We empower builders to deliver insights on complex data so every user across the organization can achieve better outcomes. Delivered on our pioneering end-to-end cloud-native analytics platform and powered by AI, Sisense offers unparalleled agility with three distinct packages tailored to the unique challenges of the teams chartered with driving the third wave of digital transformation – Cloud Data Teams, BI & Analytic Teams, and Product Teams.

Code-driven tools to analyze cloud data sources and deliver advanced data insights.

Deliver AI-powered self-service BI and build actionable analytic apps with all your data.

Seamlessly embed white-labeled analytics into your products and services using a full suite of APIs.

“We say ‘Sisense it’ now when someone wants the answer to a question.”

Brent Allen, Director of Infrastructure and WebOps

The Sisense Difference

There’s a reason that over 2,000 leading brands around the world have chosen the Sisense platform to drive positive business impact for their organizations. Here are just a few:

  • AI Throughout: Permeating every aspect of the Sisense platform, our innovative AI and ML solutions empower end-users with a deeper exploratory environment and more ways to engage with data, leading to faster time to insight, action, and impact.

  • API-First: Our extensive suite of APIs, SDKs and developer toolkits to enable teams to launch seamless data driven user experiences.

  • Cloud-Native: Sisense was built from the ground up on a fully containerized microservices architecture, offering a wide range of flexible deployment options.

  • Enterprise-Grade: Our enterprise-grade architecture is designed with multiple levels of security and governance, with automated deployment and performance monitoring, and is fully scalable with zero effect on performance.

  • Elastic Data Engine: Work with data from the most simple to the most complex, including managing data pipelines, transforming data, delivering complex advanced analytics, or leveraging live or cached data within an easy-to-use visual UI.

Sisense is About Being Better.

Sure, Sisense was the first data analytics platform on the market to offer a single-stack solution. And, yes, our In- Chip analytics provides the fastest analytical processing power on the planet. But our goal was never to be different, just better. Better for customers, better for users… better for business.

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Cloud Data Teams BI & Analytics Teams Product Teams

In their own words


(Rating: 4.5 – ‎529 reviews as of 2/13/20 in the
Analytics & BI Platform market)


Founder & CEO


“Easy to implement and great support on boarding. Great customer focus.

Luke Evans

Sisense really helped us to get over that hump and to allow the staff to focus on analytics rather than struggling to put data together in Excel and do graphs manually every single time.

Jeremy Gerson

Support Team Leader

We are always faced with the challenge of proving ROI for our product and sometimes it can be a challenge because all our customers have such different scenarios. But it’s really obvious right there, using Sisense, that there is clear ROI.

James Tickner

Senior Director of Analytics Product Development

What we love about Sisense is that it offers our customers a way to easily dissect and manipulate the data.

Brent Allen

Director of Infrastructure and WebOps

We say ‘Sisense it’ now when someone wants the answer to a question.