The Data Democracy

Intuitive Data Analytics for Every User

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Self-Service Analytics That Finally Lives Up to the Name

Imagine data analysis any user can perform. No hard coding, aggregating, remodeling (or phone calls to your DBA). Just instant insights for smarter decisions.

Unleash your inner data hero with Sisense’s personalized dashboards, interactive visualizations, and robust analytical capabilities.

From Questions to Insights…Instantly

You shouldn’t need a degree in data science to unlock powerful insights. Sisense turns any user into an analytics ninja with intuitive features, instant response time, and smarter shortcuts.

Interactive Dashboards

Discover answers to your questions
as fast as you can think of them

In-Chip™ Technology

Put the world’s most powerful
analytics engine at your fingertips

Advanced Analytics

Integrate R functions for better
predictive analytics

Widget Library

Access hundreds of classic and
open source visualizations

Anomaly Detection

Harness the power of AI to
automatically detect data anomalies

Don’t Change the Rules.
Change the Game.

See how Sisense makes it easy for every user (even non-technical ones) to uncover game-changing business insights.

See Sisense in Action

Consumers make a lot of noise, so we use Sisense to see where the money and the actual work is. Even though you always have a feeling, it helps to back it up with numbers.

Lior Libman,

Today, everything is in the dashboard and the team can get the answers they need directly and start acting on those insights faster than it would’ve taken me to document their request.

Ian Clark,

Sisense really helped us get over that hump and allow the staff to focus on analytics rather than struggling to put data together in Excel and do graphics manually every single time.

Luke Evans,

We say ‘Sisense it’ now when someone wants the answer to a question.

Brent Allen,

Try Sisense
on Your Own Data

Did you know that Sisense is the only BI software provider that offers a full proof of concept (POC) on your own data in just 90 minutes? Contact us to get started.