Data Analytics for Your Workflows and Apps

Let everyone in the business make decisions based on their own data presented in their own workflows and apps.

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Infuse analytics across your business

Move beyond standard business intelligence software and empower everyone across your organization by infusing intelligence into workflows and processes that accelerate business growth. With Sisense Fusion Analytics, you have one analytics platform to answer ALL business questions, no matter the complexity.

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Fuse your data and strategy together

Fuse your use cases, business objectives and technical requirements together in one strategy that puts your data in the drivers seat. Create a robust analytics foundation that is flexible to meet your organization’s evolving needs with deep partnerships that span the entire data lifecycle.

Choose the right platform for your business

Connect to any data, your way, and scale as you grow

Data scale and complexity shouldn’t be a concern as your solution grows. Access all of your data regardless of size, location or shape. Generate real-time insights on live data with the flexibility to leverage cached data for minimized query costs, rapid prototyping and a robust self service experience.

Connect your data

Analyze and explore data, with or without code

Optimize analytic talent and empower everyone to make intelligence-driven decisions. Code-first, low code, and no code tools enable you to transform, investigate and visualize large volumes of complex data. Richer data models serve granular details to filter and drill down into dashboards – no technical expertise required.

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Augment with predictive analytics, AI and machine-learning

Identify future opportunities with built-in machine-learning models to enable deeper data exploration. Patent-pending AI technology generates forward-looking insights by simply typing a question and guided exploration paths enable deeper investigation of data to facilitate autonomous analysis regardless of skill set.

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Infuse intelligence with unique self-service experiences

Enhance every decision by infusing intelligence at the right place and right time. Transform the way people work by infusing dashboards and unique data experience directly into the applications where they work.

Go beyond dashboards with actionable intelligence

Sisense Fusion Analytics benefits everyone

Business Leaders

Boost your team’s performance and achieve your objectives by infusing intelligence into your team’s workflows.

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Data Executives

Empower everyone in your organization, regardless of skill level, to build better outcomes.

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Build custom analytic experiences with no code, low code and code-first tools to infuse intelligence across the business.

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2021 Analytics Trends You Need to Know

Widespread infusion of insights into workflows, intuitive AI, code-driven analytics, and customer-facing data in apps are just a few of the 2021 analytics trends that will change the way the world works.

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Experience the Power of Sisense

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