Sisense-Enabled Bulb

Traditional dashboards provide comprehensive access to vast amounts of data, however, sometimes you need quick, actionable insights. The Sisense-Enabled Bulb provides an immediate visual representation of a KPI.

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The Sisense-Enabled augmented analytics Bulb reflects a metric you define in the Sisense Web Application. For example, let’s say a certain KPI has failed to meet a predefined condition. You can set the Sisense-Enabled Bulb to reflect this by dynamically changing the bulb’s color to red. As the Elasticube refreshes its data, your Sisense-Enabled Bulb reflects your KPI’s current situation according to conditions you define.

How it Works

The Sisense-Enabled Bulb is connected to your Wi-Fi connection and dynamically updates the color of its light according to conditions you define in an indicator widget in your dashboard. As the ElastiCube refreshes its data, the dashboard is refreshed, which then updates the bulb.

To set up your Sisense-Enabled Bulb, you need 1 ElastiCube, 1 dashboard with an indicator widget, and a Wi-Fi connection to support your bulb.


Bulb is the KPI that you don’t need to load up on one of your screen, it’s not just another browser window. It’s this physical piece that’s simply part of your life. It’s a simple product with a powerful way of telling you whether things are going well.


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