Mobile BI and Analytics

Take Your Data Everywhere You Go

Modern business is not confined to the physical boundaries of the office. The prevalence of mobile and handheld devices means you can take your work anywhere, from the local cafe to an international flight. With the sophisticated computers you already carry everywhere you go, literally, any place can serve as your temporary office. And with business becoming ever more mobile and flexible, the logical next step is mobile business intelligence.

Never Lose Track of Your Business

Mobile BI lets you access your business intelligence dashboards anywhere and at any time, using any mobile device.

Going on a long business trip? Keep a close eye on how the office is holding up by regularly checking on the status of important KPIs using your smartphone. Have some time to kill on the train? Whip out your tablet and start crunching the numbers on last week’s sales reports.

Sisense on Mobile: BI on the Fly

Sisense has two ways to get data insights on your mobile device:

1. A complete white label mobile app that you can download from the Apple or Android app store. Using the mobile app, you can explore your dashboards with native mobile gestures optimized to let you dive deep into your data or apply filters to view the data you want. These dashboards are built with a ‘mobile first’ design to boost user engagement and keep the brand experience consistent by placing analytics within a mobile app.

  • Full functionality – view and interact with your dashboards via touchscreen
  • Native mobile and touchscreen integration – no download required
  • Looks great on any device

2. An entirely browser-based Business Intelligence experience, with no local footprint and no installation required. All you need is an internet connection and any type of mobile device, including all types of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These dashboards are responsive to your device, and work straight from your device’s built-in web browser: no messy downloads, app store sign-ins or installation required. Simply browse to your dashboard and jump straight into the insights.

Fully Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Environment

Sisense Mobile BI App was designed according to the latest standards of “mobile first”. This means that everything was designed to work on any screen and on any device — unlike many applications that provide a buggy mobile interface as a last-minute afterthought.

For browser-based BI, every element in the dashboard is responsive and will still appear crystal clear and beautiful, even on the smaller screen of your iPhone or Samsung device.

Both versions allow you to easily check your dashboard, filter, interact with them and reach actionable insights wherever you may be, and get up-to-date information in seconds.

Start Taking Your Data To-Go

Mobile data analytics software lets you take your data and your business with you wherever you may be, freeing you from the constraints of your workstation and making the world a truly smaller place. For the first time in history, you can literally have a complete, 360° view of your company right in the palm of your hand.

With responsive design, a completely browser-based interface and dashboards that work on any device, operating system or platform, Sisense Mobile Business Intelligence is the perfect solution for on-the-fly BI.

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