Sisense Extense Framework

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Transcend your organization’s day-to-day reliance on dashboards with Infusion Apps that are built using our Sisense Extense Framework. With Sisense Infusion Apps, now everyone can connect analytics directly to their applications like Slack, Salesforce, Google Slides, Google Sheets and more for insights at the right place and the right time, every time.

About the Extense Framework

The Sisense Extense Frameworks provides the foundation to create analytics driven experiences right where you work. The Extense framework allows organizations to communicate with their Sisense instance through the applications they work with on a daily basis in a simple way. This frees organizations from vendor lock-in and creates a variety of user cohesive experiences across homegrown, native, and Sisense-related applications.

Infused Analytics for Slack

Go beyond standard business intelligence by infusing actionable insights in Slack. Sisense is the AI-powered analytics platform that empowers users of all skill levels to not just explore data but take multi-step actions based on results. With customized alerts and action-based widgets, anyone can react immediately when important business changes occur. With the Sisense Infusion App for Slack, users can ask questions of their data without ever leaving their main communication hub.

Infused Analytics for G-Suite

Let data drive the direction of conversations in every meeting by leveraging Sisense Infused Analytics for Google Slides and Sheets. Add narratives, charts and more that give your stakeholders a 360 degree view of the business in your presentations, and dynamically refresh them as new data flows in. Streamline tedious and manual data entry by loading Sisense data into your Google spreadsheets to go from raw data to the answer you need faster.

Infused Analytics for Chrome

Take Sisense wherever you go. Connect to different Sisense instances and display KPIs or query information. Copy static visualizations to your clipboard and infuse them anywhere you work to add context to every situation. Ask questions right within the Chrome Extension using Sisense NLQ capabilities.

Infused Analytics for Salesforce

Create unique, interactive visual data experiences to infuse everywhere in Salesforce for the right intelligence at exactly the right moment. Empower your Salesforce users to take multi-step actions directly from interactive, visual charts and widgets, and understand prospects and customers at a deeper level right within Salesforce.

Experience the Power of Sisense

Build visual, interactive experiences using sample data to experience the power of infusing analytics on our cloud.