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Q1 2021: Infuse Customized Intelligence at scale.
Empower anyone to harness the power of personalized analytics

From creating a tailored look and feel all code-free with new Sisense Themes, to leveraging Python code to instantly transform tables of data — find out how you can unleash these efficiencies to augment and accelerate your analytics today.

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Robust Analytic Solutions

Go beyond dashboards by building interactive experiences and customized analytic products.

Advanced data transformations with custom code

Discover endless possibilities of how you can transform and enrich your data using custom Python code from Jupyter Notebooks and AWS Services.
Connect to your external notebooks from Sisense to perform data prep, cleansing, or even advanced analytics such as sentiment analysis. Then build onto the tables of data in your Elasticube to discover new insights.
Sisense and AWS are better together, so get started today to extend the way you integrate new, sophisticated analysis into your everyday workflows.

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Build better processes with the funnel widget

Have you ever tracked customer leads through to sales conversions? What about detected bottlenecks in a manufacturing process? The funnel widget is one of our most popular and is now brought to you out of the box with an improved interface that will help you identify issues in your processes faster and more intuitively.

Modern analytic infusion

Automate the delivery of insights wherever people spend their time.

Rapid, code-free customization with Sisense Themes

Deliver each of your customers a personalized analytics experience with a look and feel tailored to them in a way that’s simple, seamless and requires zero code with Sisense Themes.

Themes offers the flexibility to create groups of granular customizations that you can quickly apply to multiple users at once, dynamically update in embedded dashboards and widgets, and fully manage via APIs to provide you with a custom and integrated embedded analytics solution.

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To infinity and beyond (the dashboard!)

Explanations help you pinpoint what factors have contributed to a certain result in your data. For example, what made your sales skyrocket in a certain month. Now, you can provide your customers and users deeper exploration for more powerful insights right within your application by embedding Explanations using Sisense.JS, Embed SDK or iFrames.

Flexible data experience

Intelligently fuse data together no matter what shape, size or location.

Accelerate results with enhanced connection

Experience a seamless integration between your data warehouse and Sisense.
Now, you can simplify the way you connect to multiple single-tenant databases dynamically with one Sisense live model to avoid overhead and maintenance that comes with managing multiple models simultaneously. Your customers can continue to view the data they need without the heavy-lifting on your part.

Optimize your dashboard queries with Amazon RedshiftEasier experience for users on the go

If you use Amazon Redshift as your data warehouse, get ready to experience our high-performance analytics engine behind the scenes that rapidly translates queries from each widget on your dashboard into SQL that your data source understands in a faster, more intuitive way. Our customers who use the new translator benefit from 15% faster dashboard performance, and a 70% reduction in query length!

Our foundation is built on being able to slice and dice your data in an agile, flexible way. Now, the way you do this will be further optimized with Amazon Redshift.

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