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Q2 2021: Build Extensible Insights

Infuse analytics beyond the dashboard and explore additional dimensions of your data

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Robust Analytic Solutions

Go beyond dashboards by building interactive experiences and customized analytic products.

Explore additional dimensions with Sisense Explanations

Select additional dimensions to dig deeper into your data with Sisense Explanations. Explanations automatically identifies factors that contribute to changes in your data over time. Now, you can select additional factors, and Explanations will calculate and show you the relative impact of the factors you chose.

Modern analytic infusion

Automate the delivery of insights wherever people spend their time.

Bring analytics to your business users with new Sisense Infusion Apps

Infuse analytics into everyone’s everyday applications like Salesforce, Slack, Google Slides and more. Empower business users in your organization to understand the analytics they need right where they spend their time, collaborate better around data, and automate steps in their processes. Learn more about getting started with our Infusion Apps here.

Infuse images into pivot tables

Layer another dimension onto your analysis by adding images into your pivot tables that provide a visual representation of your products or brands. We welcome all types of data to fuse together in Sisense for the best analytics experience. Images within your pivot tables can help provide better context to the rest of the data in the table.

Flexible data experience

Intelligently fuse data together no matter what shape, size or location.

Optimize your cloud data warehouse cost forecasting

Improve your cost forecasting by setting limits on pivot tables queries for easier planning and governing cloud data warehouse usage. With the new query limits settings, you can cap all queries coming out of pivot tables, yet still maintain the user experience with faster loading dashboards.

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