Build A Full Business Picture with Business Analytics

Dynamically explore data without limits and answer questions on the fly with AI-driven business analytics.

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Extract Business Insights
As Fast As Your Business Moves

Leverage insights throughout your workflow without having to learn special tools or switch context to answer new business questions. As an end user of analytics, you’ll gain new insights that were previously unknown, hidden, or unreachable, and ask questions you never thought to ask — all with a single click.

Answer Any Business Question

  • Gain more comprehensive insights with an intuitive UI purpose-built for deeper data exploration
  • Leverage richer data models with ease and flexibility to answer questions on the fly
  • Filter and drill down into granular detail on your own or leverage AI-powered features for guided exploration

Make Smarter Decisions with Augmented Insights

  • AI-powered Exploration Paths enables deeper, guided exploration of your data and analysis
  • Insight Miner makes complex calculations and presents the most statistically relevant insight for your business
  • Quickly understand complex analysis using Natural Language Generation (NLG) that automatically narrates relevant insight

Go Beyond the Dashboard

  • Leverage machine learning in Sisense Pulse to get alerts on dynamic thresholds defined by your KPIs
  • Perform critical actions inside key business apps (i.e. CRM) right from within your interactive dashboard to accelerate workflows
  • Use the Sisense mobile app to monitor key business changes on the go

Sisense is so much more than just analytics and dashboards for us. It has become an indispensable operational management tool.

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Power to the Business User

Can’t explore your data when and how you want? We’ve got the answer!
The Sisense Data and Analytics Platform transforms complex data into business analytics apps that deliver insights with the flexibility and speed you need to make data-informed decisions.

Independently refine and narrow the data presented using easily adoptable workflows in an intuitive UI.

Leverage data exploration features that empower business users to surface what is most relevant.

Start with an aggregated view on the dashboard that can be drilled into with any granularity, down to the record level.

Sisense Drill Into Anywhere delivers a robust and easy-to-use environment to quickly assess and explore the data in every direction independently.

Unlock value by gaining new insights from your own data that were previously unknown, hidden, or unreachable.

Sisense Analyze with Insight Miner delivers automatic insights with a single click through statistical models.

Present analysis and insights in plain, everyday language that everyone can understand.

Sisense Narratives dynamically explains insights in natural language. It’s just like having a junior analyst serving as a companion to help in the data discovery and reporting process.

Monitor meaningful changes as accurately as possible across business-critical KPIs.

Sisense Pulse uses machine learning on top of your KPIs to keep you informed when something needs your attention. Push relevant insights into the hands of users so you can focus on the most important tasks — like running your business!

Automatically generate alternative visualizations and insights that anticipate questions you didn’t even know you had.

Sisense AI Exploration Paths analyzes and leverages user data to automatically suggest the best data visualizations.

Tools for Business Users

Start answering your business questions with these powerful analytics capabilities:

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