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Sisense Customer Success and Support Resources

Sisense is obsessed with making sure our customers enjoy positive returns on investment in their business intelligence journey.  Our commitment to helping clients accelerate their time to value across each milestone is reflected across three core fundamentals to customer success that we bring to each relationship.

  • Customer Support:  Designated Sisense professionals lead clients through onboarding and implementation. We support our customers through these critical milestones to effectively deliver on their business and technical requirements.
  • Business Intelligence Engagement: Many of our clients are not experts in BI. We have the expertise, people, and processes to make product knowledge transfer easy and to ensure each customer becomes self-sufficient quickly across each BI
  • Partnership: We think of ourselves as an extension of – and partner to – each customer, and not just as software providers. We invest significant resources and time to understand day to day needs, long-term vision and key metrics for each client’s success to make sure they get where they need to go with Sisense.


The Sisense Customer Success team has been supporting us in our BI journey by helping us knock down all the barriers that get put up in front of us. – Josh Swenson, Director of Product, Amplifinity.



At the start of the partnership with Sisense, clients can expect the following:

Customer Success Manager

Each client is assigned a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM) that serves as the main point of contact. As the client’s trusted advisor, the CSM serves as a focal point for business planning, licensing, feature requests, support, training and other related questions. The CSM hosts regular status meetings to support ongoing business requirements and ensure each organization is deriving the greatest value from Sisense.

BI Consultants

Each Sisense license includes onboarding services. Designed to accelerate time to value, a dedicated BI Consultant translates client goals and vision with customized 1-1 sessions covering data modeling to dashboard design and user enablement. The goal is to go live with dashboards quickly while providing product and BI knowledge transfer for future iterations.


Questions or assistance required with a Sisense implementation, post-onboarding, are submitted through our central ticketing systems. Each ticket is supported by Sisense staff located in relevant geographic regions with committed response times.

Sisense offers a complimentary Support Services program that is designed to help meet the service needs of all customers. In addition, Sisense offers its Enterprise Elite Service, which is available at an additional cost.

Area Service Complimentary Support Enterprise Elite Service
Technical Support Designated Customer Success Manager
Service Requests Submitted Electronically
Response Time for Technical Incidents (SLA):
Coverage Service Hours
P1 Issue Response Time 4 Service Hours 2 hours
P2 Issue Response Time 8 Service Hours 4 Service Hours
P3 Issue Response Time 12 Service Hours 8 Service Hours
24*7 Proactive Environment Monitoring (optional)
Preventative advice & Proactive Technical Support
Designated Technical Support Consultant
Product Documentation and User Guides
Software Updates
Consulting Services Onboarding Services Remote Online Sessions On-Site and Remote Sessions
Designated BI Consultant Onboarding Only
Deployment Reviews On-Site (Twice a Year)
Growth and Scaling Planning On-Site (Twice a Year)
Tailored Growth and Adoption Toolkit
Center of Excellence Sisense Forums and Community
Education & Community Online Training Webinars
Sisense Events
On-site Training and Workshops

Service Hours

Service hours are Sunday through Friday 24/6, excluding local national holidays, with response times varying based on the priority of the issue and the support term.

On-call during Saturday is available for the following customers when submitting a critical level ticket :*

  • Cloud Customers
  • Customers who purchase 24/7 critical support
  • Customers who purchase Enterprise elite package

*Critical level tickets – tickets referring to a failure that renders Sisense inoperative in production and no workaround is available.

Online Training

Clients receive access to self-paced and on-demand eLearning modules that cover fundamentals including ElastiCube data modeling and dashboard creation and design. The learning system is designed to provide clients with maximum value from their one-on-one sessions with Sisense BI Consultants. In addition, comprehensive online documentation, including user and API guides are provided as well as knowledge bases to find answers to commonly asked questions. Customer Login.

Sisense Community

Managed forums provide clients with a community to pose a question or share knowledge with other users within the Sisense family. Download community plugins or engage with other clients on topics covering data connectors to dashboard design. Dedicated forums are also available for developers to get technical insights on a range of topics, such as JavaScript, REST API connectors or SSO. See More.

Professional Services

Sisense offers clients a variety of consulting and professional services when internal resources are unavailable or specific knowledge is required to either speed or optimize BI engagement. These include:

  • BI consulting on data modeling, deployment management and other ways to optimize the use of the Software.
  • Plugin development and systems engineering tailored to client requests.