Support Types and Response Times


You can submit technical questions or request assistance through our central ticketing systems. Sisense supports each ticket by Sisense staff located in relevant geographic regions with committed response times. 

Support Levels

Sisense offers two levels of support for our customers. 

  • Standard Support – provided complimentary, designed to meet support needs of all customers
  • Elite Support – provided as part of Sisense Elite Lite, Elite, Elite Plus and Elite Premium packages

Detailed Information

Self-hosted customersSisense Cloud Managed Service Customers 
ServiceStandardElite SupportStandardElite Support
Service Requests Submitted Electronically
Online Training Webinars
Documentation and User Guides
Software Updates
P1 first response time4 Business hours*2 Calendar hours**1 Calendar hour**1 Calendar hour**
P2 first response time8 Business hours*4 Business hours**4 Calendar hours**4 Calendar hours**
24*7 Proactive Environment Monitoring (optional)
Designated Technical Solution Engineer
Technical Account Manager
* Business hours
Monday to Friday (Sunday to Thursday for countries observing those days as the standard work week), 9:00 to 18:00 local time at the Customer’s supported location of installation of the Software, excluding local, national holidays.

** Calendar hours
Sunday to Sunday, 24/7/365
If you elect to utilize U.S. only support, support hours may vary based on the terms of your agreement.

Priority level

  • P1 – Critical – a failure that renders Sisense inoperative in production with no workaround is available.
  • P2 – Major – a failure that significantly degrades the performance of the Software or a significant component thereof or materially restricts Licensee’s use of the Software
  • P3 – Minor – can either be:
    • A cosmetic failure or one that does not materially impair the operation of the Software
    • Questions, requests for help or requests for enhancements or product development