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New name, same commitment to empowering data teams

Earlier this month, we made a decision to officially rename Periscope Data as Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. This change is a symbol of the strength of the combined product, which has evolved to a point where tools for advanced data analysts and line-of-business users are available on the same platform. 

A simple change like this can often create confusion. At the core of data analysis is an appreciation of how powerful the question-and-answer process can be, so I want to use this post to address some of the most common incoming questions our team has received about Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.

A Whole New World for Data Teams with Sisense

What exactly is changing?

To be brief, the name of the product is changing. All of the features that advanced data teams love about Periscope Data will work exactly the same in Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. Internal processes and standards for executing on our product roadmap will also be the same. With the support and resources of an industry-leading BI platform, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams will be able to build an even better data platform.

Product name changes are a necessary result of mergers and, with the first version of the combined technology now available, now is the time to make that change. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is the same platform as Periscope Data, with a new coat of paint and much more robust futures. If your organization has been using Periscope Data and you have questions about what is changing in your specific deployment, you can reach out to the same customer success manager you already know and love.

Is this still a product for data teams?

Like the name says, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is a product built specifically for data teams that work in the cloud. It still supports analysis in SQL, Python, and R. It still supports creating and sharing advanced data visualizations. The Sisense vision for data teams is evolving beyond simply allowing them to uncover valuable insights in data. The new reality is that data teams need to be empowered to take another step with their insights: they need to operationalize them for their line-of-business colleagues. 

This new vision for translating insights to action is at the core of the Sisense’s understanding of the data and analytics process. Another part of this vision is a move to build tools specifically for teams that run analytics on cloud data warehouses. This is also evident in the recent release of Cloud-Native Sisense

How does Sisense for Data Teams affect the analysis workflow?

We’re proud to say that our approach to analytics has allowed the most advanced data teams to create tremendous value for their organizations. That’s good news, but the enthusiasm for that value has created a serious hunger for data across all lines of business. This is a win overall, but building a framework that satisfies the demand for data takes a lot of time and effort. In medium-sized companies, data analysts spend as much as 90% of their time doing basic reporting. That’s not a scalable approach for organizations wanting to allocate data resources to finding deeper insights.

The Periscope Data technology on its own is great for empowering data teams to find those deep insights, but needs help enabling other teams to explore data via self-service. The Sisense platform is the best around at making data actionable for line-of-business teams. With these two technologies together, data teams can find insights through deep analysis in SQL, Python, and R, then pass those insights off to other teams to operationalize on their own. 

How does ElastiCube technology fit with Sisense for Cloud Data Teams?

The Sisense ElastiCube is not traditionally a tool that is part of the cloud warehouse architecture. For some organizations, data doesn’t need a live connection to be valuable; those organizations can continue to use ElastiCube based on the refresh cadence that works for them. 

For organizations whose data center-of-gravity is in data warehouses and databases, Sisense Live is a great solution. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams also has years of in-warehouse expertise to add. Whatever your team’s warehousing needs are, Sisense has a platform built just for you.

How does this rebrand fit into the broader Sisense vision?

The long-term vision has always been to create an end-to-end data platform that has the best tools for every user. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is a big step toward combining best-in-class functionality for both data professionals and line-of-business experts. This product does more for data teams by empowering them with tools to turn their insights into action. With fewer barriers between data-driven insights and business decisions, the value of data increases exponentially. Empowering users of all kinds is what Sisense — and Sisense for Cloud Data Teams — is all about.

A Whole New World for Data Teams with Sisense

Scott Castle is the VP of Strategy at Sisense. He brings over 25 years of experience in software development and product management at leading technology companies including Adobe, Electric Cloud, and FileNet. Scott is a prolific writer and speaker on all things data, appearing at events like the Gartner Enterprise Data Conference, Data Champions, and Strata Data NYC.

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