In Faces of Sisense, we showcase some of the amazing change agents that are helping to achieve customer obsession right here at Sisense. Through these people, we describe what makes Sisense a special place to work and provide tips on how to pivot your career into technology. 

Like any company, Sisense is only as strong as our customer relationships, which is why we look for teammates with a genuine passion for helping customers. From initial contact to face-to-face events, we are dedicated to fostering success at every step of the customer journey.


An unlikely path leads to Sisense SDR: Gabi Tenenblat

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Meet Gabi: she used to be a probation officer at Newham Youth Offending in London as a case practitioner, where she successfully helped high-risk offenders. Gabi still uses that same passion for helping others, but now it’s with us at Sisense as a Sales Development Team Lead. She joined us and pivoted her career when she moved to Israel, looking for a change.

“I moved to Israel, not knowing what I wanted to do. I had heard about the high-tech startup scene, and a close friend of mine suggested an SDR role at Sisense,” Gabi shared. “With no experience in the field, I knew I would need to be in the right environment to be nurtured, taught, and guided, and it was clear to me Sisense was the right choice. Sisense is the best education for learning and growing — it’s not just a workplace, it’s a school for life.” 

ADRs (Account Development Representatives) build the foundation for moving a prospect through the funnel. Gabi explains, “We set the tone for what’s to be expected along the buying journey and aim to set the bar high as we want to make sure that the prospect’s experience represents the values of Sisense. First impressions are everything, and we are the gatekeepers for determining if there is an opportunity to move forward or not.”

Gabi’s advice to others looking for their big break: “Never ignore the experiences you’ve had even if they don’t seem relevant. Know what your transferable skills are and understand how you can use those skills in your next position.”

Putting customers first: Sivan More

Sivan’s focus on creating new initiatives and improving processes is part of what fueled her recent transition from a Customer Success Manager to a Team Lead, with a promotion to Global Director Customer Success, Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs)! Sivan is based in Israel and has been with the company for four years, which makes her a veteran. 

“Taking baby steps to develop relationships — adjusting the customer journey to fit the specific needs of SMB — with internal partners and external customers is key to driving change and making an impact,” Sivan commented. “We gradually engaged our customers and became more attentive to their needs with new programs, while maintaining our renowned customer experience to gain support as we work together to implement new processes and initiatives that better engage our customers.”

Adjusting to the quickly-changing events world: Amanda Tilley

Amanda Tilley headshot for faces of Sisense

With over 14 years of experience in the events industry, Amanda joined the Sisense team a little over a year ago as the Head of Global Events. Not long after starting, Amanda’s four-person event team downsized to two as they were planning Eureka!, our large, multi-day customer conference. 

Amanda mentions, “We always want to put the customer first, and despite the challenges we faced, we were able to band together and execute our largest and most successful customer conference to date. Since then, I have led the program, which has produced numerous successful elevated events, including the best SKO in Sisense history.” 

In a time where more companies are shifting to digital events in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda is leading the charge in digitizing our current event strategy. She explains, “The event landscape has now changed due to the pandemic and I have been tasked with bringing our events onto an online platform. Since coming on at Sisense, I feel I’ve been challenged on multiple levels, but it’s been amazing to face those challenges as they make me a stronger, more well-rounded Event Marketer.”

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