Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the future of every industry, especially data and analytics. In Growing Up with AI, we help you keep up with all the ways this pioneering technology is changing the world.

Everyone…. literally everyone (even my mother) is talking about AI these days.  Whether it is the now ubiquitous ‘next product to buy’ or excitement in the news evangelizing AI’s potential for detecting cancer, we have long passed the point where AI and Machine Learning are restricted to the technology lab.   

AI is nothing new for Sisense. In fact, our core In-Chip™ Performance Accelerator is built on machine learning algorithms that optimize the use of memory and cache, allowing us to manage more data on lower cost hardware; Sisense Pulse has long been enjoyed by our clients to help them detect anomalies in the running of their business; and, Sisense was the first to leverage NLQ to provide insights via the Amazon Echo.

Even with a history of significant investment in this area, with our funding announcement last September, we shared that we would be doubling down on this effort and introduced our new dedicated AI Research Lab headed by Inna Tokarev Sela.  This effort is beginning to bear significant fruit with the introduction of AI Exploration Paths as well as an aggressive roadmap for this year and beyond.  As we continue to increase our investment, it is important to understand how we think about our AI Strategy and why I believe we are well on our way to building a better mousetrap.

Big Data and AI

Augmented Insights

Augmented Insights is how we refer to the area of our AI research that is dedicated to providing business users with a guided journey and deeper insights from their data. There are many vendors working to develop augmented capabilities.  However, I believe that Sisense is unique in our approach – striving to balance the needs of both novice and technical users. For example, building visualizations from a search query is great. But unfortunately, it assumes that you know what to ask for. Here are just a few of the cool capabilities that Sisense end users enjoy today:

  • The Sisense Narratives AI engine augments dashboards with helpful descriptive text.
  • Analyze with Insight Miner surfaces difficult to see relationships in your data.
  • And our new AI Exploration Paths leads users to answer questions they didn’t even know they had and learns based on the behavior of all of the users on the entire platform.

AI Assisted Data Prep

Sisense is well known for our ability to work with complex data. As easy to use as our platform is, AI is making this even easier and eliminating much of the tedium that data engineers have had to long endure in managing complexity. Here are a few examples available today or in our near term roadmap.

  • Recommended modeling when adding new disparate data
  • Data deduplication and cleansing for those times when data isn’t perfect – and by that I mean always.
  • Smart field and widget suggestions to assist in navigating complex data models.

Data Science Workbench

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Bill Joy, founder of Sun Microsystems. “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” It is humbling to think that way. It is also very important. We have brilliant people here at Sisense and we are doing amazing work. But even with all of the investment and more to come… it isn’t enough. The pace of innovation in the world of AI and machine learning is amazing. Whether it is custom AI algorithms or the exploding universe of prebuilt libraries, we need to ensure that our clients can tap into that innovation. Our recent merger with Periscope Data ensures that they will be able to do just that.

Recent innovations to our platform such as AI Exploration Paths and the roadmap for the coming year are very exciting!  (It really is going to be such a fun year.) I am looking forward to being able to share more news soon!

Big Data and AI
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