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Global organizations are in a race for their survival. Successful organizations will not only leverage data to increase operational efficiency, but also use it to differentiate their offerings in the market. They will apply a range of methods and solutions in order to drive the greatest impact, with data at the center of their evolution.

But how do organizations know that their efforts are successful? The best indicator is not the volume of data or the number of dashboards created. Instead, real success is best measured by the adoption of analytics across the organization. What percentage of employees are using analytics throughout their day to make data-informed decisions? What about partners? Customers? Unfortunately in most organizations, this number is too low especially given the huge investments being made into BI.

three new tailored packages to empower builders of analytics

Digital transformation success tied to BI adoption

At Sisense, we believe that success means that everyone — inside and outside of the organization — is actively engaged in using analytics together to make data-informed decisions. This takes a balanced and multi-faceted approach.  

Over the past decade, the movement toward self-service analytics has drastically improved access to data and insights for business users and analysts who leverage such solutions. However, when measured by adoption, the results have been less compelling. The adoption rate of the first generation of BI was only a quarter of most organizations. A decade and a billion dollars later, the advent of self-service dashboards moved the needle — but only to about a third of the organizations, according to Gartner.

As an industry, we haven’t yet delivered upon the most fundamental measurement of impact — adoption. The reality is that self-service BI is only one component of what is needed to drive digital transformation. In fact, the reach of self-service has proven to be quite limited. Two-thirds of the organization are not benefiting at all, so we must continue to identify new solutions that meet the needs of this other population.   

BI adoption tied to builders customizing capabilities

Many Sisense clients enjoy much higher rates of analytics adoption within their organizations. This is because Sisense provides a robust set of capabilities targeted at empowering Builders. These builders are not “self-service” users; that is, they are not looking to answer their own localized questions. Instead, they are the very people charged with delivering broad organizational impact with analytics. A single team of builders has the power to impact thousands and thousands of users with their work. 

These builders are not ‘self-service’ users. That is, they are not looking to answer their own localized questions. Instead, they are the very people chartered with delivering broad organizational impact with analytics.

Sisense has long been recognized as a leader for our ability to drive value from even the most complex data. By working with the technical teams behind these deployments, we have come to understand that each team has its own unique needs:

  • Advanced data teams need the ability to solve business problems in an ad-hoc agile way with code-driven advanced analytics.  
  • BI teams need to deploy solutions that deliver value to users with a broad range of analytic skill sets.  
  • Product development teams need the ability to seamlessly deploy analytics inside their applications. 

Today, I’m proud to announce that we are doubling down on our commitment to empowering these teams of builders with the tools and capabilities they need to drive transformative value from complex data and to deliver insights to everyone with the launch of three new packages based on the Sisense platform:

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Sisense for Cloud Data teams includes powerful, code-driven tools that analyze cloud data sources and perform advanced data preparation. With support for SQL, Python, and R in the same environment, data teams can perform advanced analysis on both modeled and raw data to solve the most intricate business problems of the day. 

Crisis Text Line is a global non-profit organization that offers 24/7 confidential text message service for people in crisis by connecting them with a trained counselor. In short, it saves lies through its use of effective data that underlies its service. Using our natural language processing and machine learning functionalities, Crisis Text Hotline was able to respond to 10% more people in crisis with the help of advanced analytics. That’s more people helped, more lives touched by this worthwhile organization.  

Sisense for BI & Analytics Teams 

Sisense for BI & Analytics Teams offers the ability to easily combine data from across the organization and quickly build interactive data experiences to deploy at scale. Empower anyone to uncover trends and predict outcome with AI throughout and out-of-the-box advanced analytics. Entrench insights into workflows and applications to operationalize analytics for greater impact. .

Broadridge is a leading, $4.5 billion provider of investor communication, technology-driven solutions, and data and analysis for the financial services industry. With Sisense, the company has been able to build a comprehensive analytics system based on a hybrid approach of analyzing both structured and unstructured data stored on-premises and in the cloud. As a result, Broadridge is able to consolidate data and analytics across departments and systems from 15 different acquisitions into a single user experience for all employees to access.

Sisense for Product Teams

Sisense for Product Teams embeds white-labeled analytics seamlessly within their existing products and architecture to differentiate their offerings in the market. Sisense can be customized across the analytics workflow to meet specific user needs. This includes everything from controlling the look-and-feel to the ability to create completely custom functionality. Sisense can be deployed as highly-scalable DevOps powered analytic apps that can be programmatically automated and integrated into any workflow or process. This is exactly why Sisense’s API First architecture comes complete with a full suite of APIs and SDKs.

Egencia, the corporate travel arm of Expedia, embeds Sisense into Egencia Analytics Studio to deliver their customers with consolidated insights and interactivity to ensure travel policy compliance. Egencia has rapidly scaled to support 17,000 provisioned accounts and is the only Travel Management Company (TMC) that can consolidate all online and offline travel data into a singular location, reducing synchronization across multiple systems within its travel ecosystem.

Builders are change agents within modern organizations

“We believe that success means that everyone – inside and outside of the organization – is actively engaged in using analytics together to make data-informed decisions,” said Harry Glaser, CMO at Sisense. “Sisense is the only analytics platform that delivers a robust solution to each set of builders, meeting their specific needs and enabling them to drive their unique contribution to an organization’s digital transformation.”

Through these three packages, builders will be able to put data at the heart of their businesses, enabling everyone in those businesses to make actionable decisions. As we move forward in 2020, we look forward to sharing more around our approach, and progress, towards meeting the needs of the change agents within organizations that are helping to build the future of data.

three new tailored packages to empower builders of analytics

Former Sisenser Mindi Grissom has over 5 years of experience in the technology industry, helping thousands of organizations transform their business with data and analytics.

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