As an analytics company, Sisense is always looking for more intelligence regarding the business world’s evolving use of data. In pursuit of this goal, we commissioned market intelligence and advisory firm IDC to survey a wide sample of executives and industry leaders about how they use analytics and data, and what their hopes are for the future of this world-shaping technology. 

The results suggest a gap between expectations and reality. How does this stack up with your experiences?

Dig into these topics and get actionable intelligence that you can use in your own search for the perfect analytics software to help evolve your business and put the right data in front of the right users at the right time, seamlessly. 

Sisense + IDC Survey: Finding Value in Data

Want to hear more about the future of analytics and business intelligence? Read exclusive takes on 2021 analytics trends from five Sisense thought leaders. 

The Biggest BI and Data Trends for 2021

Jack Cieslak is a 10-year veteran of the tech world. He’s written for Amazon, CB Insights, and others, on topics ranging from ecommerce and VC investments to crazy product launches and top-secret startup projects.

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