When we claimed that “In-Memory was the Past” and that “In-Chip was the Future”, a few people (mainly competitors) expressed skepticism.

Fast-forward to today and you’ll noticed that “In-Chip” is everywhere. Sisense’s growth should be a leading indicator for the industry and after all, not many companies have garnered so many awards in such a small amount of time: in the past 60 days, Sisense was named Top CIO Magazine Big Data Company, Top CRN Big Data Startup, Top Big Data Application in Inc. Magazine and was reported as a Top Innovative Company in eWeek.

This week, Robin Bloor, one of the most regarded thought leaders in the space examined the reasons why this technology is gaining mainstream attention in his technical analysis here. The Ovum group put Sisense “On Their Radar” here.

So, what’s happening?

We believe that the Big Data world stands in front of what could be one of its biggest opportunities yet – primarily driven by 3 key factors – data growth, data complexity conditions, changes in enterprise buying motions and the increased sophistication of business buyers. When these three forces come together, they create a perfect storm ready for a solution that’s easy to deploy, easy to scale and affordable to maintain – Sisense Prism.

Want to know more? Watch this quick video explaining the Sisense Difference!

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