Quarterly sales quotas. If you lead a sales team, these three little words have the unique ability to make you sweat. And if your team’s quotas are based on value rather than volume, it’s likely that your tech stack and dashboards aren’t providing the intel your reps need to build and maintain a pipeline that consistently delivers.

Your sales reps are responsible for nurturing and guiding the best possible prospects down your sales pipeline so you want to make sure they have the data transparency they need to consistently deliver the value they’re responsible for generating. And they want to generate that value in the most efficient way possible—cutting out the time they spend on high maintenance, low-value prospects.

If you’re serious about helping your reps hit their quotas efficiently and consistently, you need to bring the key functionality of each sales tool to their dashboard. I sat down with Sisense SDR-turned-AE, Graham Arnold, to chat about the power of turning basic sales dashboards into actionable analytic apps with Sisense BloX—and how his dashboard supercharged the way he manages his pipeline in only one quarter.

Where Your Sales Tech Stack is Falling Short

If your reps use analytic dashboards to track progress towards their quarterly targets, they can see how far they’ve come and how far they have left to go. Depending on your team’s transparency, they can view their own value generated against their target, and maybe even how their personal progress is contributing to the team’s overall quarterly target.   

Sisense BloX

On the other hand, your reps are navigating a robust tech stack. According to Graham, “The tools we have available to us are fantastic but typically only satisfy one part of the equation. Across these platforms, sales reps are looking at mountains of static data about prospects and their industry, use case, budget, pain points, engagement, and responsiveness and they’re expected to come to their own conclusions about the next move to make.”

On top of that, most sales tech stacks are only partially integrated. Some platforms talk to one another, others don’t. So the data your reps see in one platform may not be the most up-to-date. In the end, your reps function with 15 tabs open on their desktop and another 15 tabs open in their brains. The result of these siloed data sources is—you guessed it! Time wasted.

Help Your Sales Reps Work Smarter, Not Harder

“I believe in working smarter, not harder,” says Graham. “It’s really common for sales reps, regardless of industry, to create their own quarterly ‘hit lists’ based on disparate data they mine from the tech stack. And when you’re creating your own hit list, it’s human nature to prioritize a bunch of small, quick wins to set a pace.”

But it’s harder to think that way when you can actually visualize your pipeline. Because, according to Graham, blocking out all of the unnecessary data in your tech stack—and isolating only the actionable analytics data in your dashboard—is what empowers your sales reps to be truly strategic. “I created a data model that pulled in the data I needed to prioritize only the highest value leads,” Graham said. “For me, that was data on use case, company size, the contact’s role at the company, and the amount of time the lead has spent in an automated nurture sequence.”

“Essentially, I was able to bring my entire tech stack into a single dashboard,” says Graham. “In three clicks, I could pinpoint accounts that had an uncertain timeline six months ago and drill down further to isolate the handful of leads that had promising authority and budget back then. Rather than hammering my phone all day, I could be truly strategic and maximize every minute I had on high value leads with high potential to convert.”

Activate Your Sales Dashboards With Sisense BloX

At Sisense, we get our kicks putting power in the hands of the builders—from data engineers who build data pipelines to business users who make decisions that build businesses. With a background as a business analyst, a free weekend on his hands, and the power of Sisense BloX, Graham transformed his dashboard into an actionable, analytic app.

“My dashboard was telling me the strategic actions I needed to take. With BloX, I could integrate those actions directly into my dashboard. No more toggling back and forth from my dashboard to Outreach to Google Calendars and back again. I could hone in on my next target, send them an email, and schedule a follow-up call in Google Calendar—and I never had to leave my dashboard.”

Big Wins With Actionable Analytic Apps

The quarter before he started using his actionable analytic app, Graham reached 52% of his quarterly target. “I had consistently reached quota with a volume-based approach in the past,” he reports. “But something just wasn’t adding up anymore. And I couldn’t spend another quarter chasing volume.”

Spending that weekend with BloX, according to Graham, completely revolutionized how he approached his quarterly target. “With this detailed insight into my pipeline, I was able to be much more strategic with my work,” says Graham. “It was incredibly easy to access a level of detail that used to take much longer to create for myself.” The time he was saving coupled with the new level of detail he could achieve gave him the space he needed to be more tailored and calculated in his work. “I was finally able to move away from volume-based days and focus on those accounts that have the best potential for the business,” says Graham. “The new detail gave me the bandwidth to truly learn about my targets’ business and approach them with hyper-personalized messaging that would actually resonate.”

And it’s Graham’s performance that really tells the story. In his first quarter using BloX, he overachieved his quota by closing 108% of his target with an 82% conversion rate, and with 78% of those deals considered larger, more valuable deals.

“In the final version, I embedded our phone app into my dashboard using the BloX iframe widget,” says Graham. “And with a couple of modifications to the scripts from one of my engineers, I had high-quality audio working through my dashboard as well. This was critical for what I was hoping to accomplish—drastically reducing  the distance between where I was performing analysis and where I was acting on that analysis.”

“Using Sisense as an app for my daily work enabled me to spend time in more value-based activities which resulted in a much higher quality quarter,” says Graham. “There’s no going back after the quarter I just had.”

Sisense BloX
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