Business Analytics Software
Built for Complex Data

The only business analytics software that lets your companyembed analytics from large, disparate datasets.

Business Analytics

Join data from multiple sources

True insights take all your data into account. Sisense gives you the ability to combine data from many disparate sources into a single repository.

Unify disparate data into one centralized place
Join multiple data sources with a simple drag & drop
Create a single version of truth with perfect data

Analyze with brilliant data visualizations

Drill into details and zoom out for the big picture. Our beautiful dashboards ensure your results are quick, easy to absorb, and fun to enhance.

Build interactive dashboards with any tech skill level
Uncover insights using rich data visualizations
Query Big Data at record-breaking speed

Share interactive dashboards

Enter a world where everyone in your organization can access insights, build upon
existing reports, and work with a single version of truth.

Empower everyone with valuable insights
Receive insights as they happen
Play with dashboards right from your mobile