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As our vision and products have evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, our brand has also evolved. The following is provided for consistent implementation of the new Sisense brand in all applications.

Sisense Logo

The Sisense logo is our most important identity element. It appears in all of Sisense’s communications, and therefore must be presented in a clear and consistent way. The logo art should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered. When using the Sisense logo, be sure to always place and replicate from the master artwork file.

Please be sure to consult our full logo guidelines provided in the logo kit before implementation.

Download Full Logo Kit

Logo Usage

Primary Logo (Horizontal)
Use in all communications unless otherwise stated.

Alternate Logo (Vertical)
Use for square and vertical layout formats.

Logo Mark
Use for profile images on social media.

Logo Colors

Black Logo
Use on light or yellow backgrounds.

Combination Logo
Preferred option for dark backgrounds.

White Logo
Use on dark backgrounds if the combination logo isn’t possible.

Logo Do’s and Dont’s

Choose the black logo to ensure high contrast on light backgrounds

Choose the all white or white/yellow logo to ensure high contrast on dark backgrounds

Choose the all white or white/yellow logo to ensure high contrast on solid black backgrounds

Don’t place the logo on a background that obscures any part of the logo

Don’t place the logo over imagery that is visually busy and makes the logo difficult to read

Don’t place the logo on a background that has low contrast

Brand Fonts

The primary Sisense font is ‘Open Sans’. It should be used for headlines, subheads and body copy. Using our chosen typeface with the correct colors and weights ensures that our typography is consistent and legible across all of our communication channels.

Download Open Sans

Open Sans Bold

[email protected]#$%^&*()

Open Sans Bold

[email protected]#$%^&*()


Brand Colors

Our brand palette is made up of primary and secondary colors. Each color within the Sisense palette has been carefully chosen, and should follow the codes specified here. The use of primary and secondary accent colors establish a visual hierarchy across all communication pieces, and enable us to maintain brand consistency.

Primary Colors

Sisense Sunglow
Hex: #FFCB05
RGB: 255, 203, 5
CMYK: 0, 20, 100, 0
Pantone: 116C

Clean White
RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Builder Black
Hex: #000000
RGB: 0, 0, 0
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100
Pantone: Black C

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are meant to help compliment our primary colors. They should be used carefully and sparingly as accents. Do not use more than one secondary color in your design.

Builder Blue
Hex: #084968
RGB: 8, 73, 104
CMYK: 96, 63, 36, 26
Pantone: 3025 C

Sage Green
Hex: #6CCA98
RGB: 108, 202, 152
CMYK: 58, 0, 52, 0
Pantone: 338 C

Sisense Sizzle
Hex: #E8425E
RGB: 232, 66, 94
CMYK: 0, 85, 48, 0
Pantone: 710 C

Periscope Purple
Hex: #493D83
RGB: 73, 61, 131
CMYK: 86, 85, 14, 2
Pantone: 7671 C

Hex: #EDEBE3
RGB: 237, 235, 227
CMYK: 9, 7, 12, 0
Pantone: 663 C

Grayscale Palette

Data Gray 1
Hex: #F3F3F4
RGB: 243,243,243
CMYK: 3,2,2,0

Data Gray 2
RGB: 224,224,223
CMYK: 11,9,9,0

Data Gray 3
Hex: #B2B2B1
RGB: 178,178,177
CMYK: 31,25,26,0

Data Gray 4
Hex: #4d5153
RGB: 77,81,83
CMYK: 67,57,55,33

Color Gradients and Percentage

There should always be a degree of balance and symmetry within our color palette. Please try to maintain the following ratios between the Sisense brand colors. The full specs for color tints are specified in our Brand Guidelines.

Color Gradients

Color Percentage

Tone of Voice

Establishing brand voice guidelines ensures consistency throughout Sisense’s communications and reinforces who we are as a brand.

Sisense is/does

  • Experts, knowledgable
  • Puts customer first
  • Factual
  • Approachable
  • Straighforward
  • Confident

Sisense is not/does not

  • Arrogant, Condescending
  • Braggards, egotistical
  • Exaggerate
  • Amateurs
  • Ambiguous
  • Disparaging

Sisense’s core personality

Knowledgeable -Speaks without hesitation and with authority, but not arrogant or condescending.
Straightforward – No obscurities, tired buzzwords or abstractions. Clear and honest, easy to understand language.
Professional – Smart and polished and never dumbed-down, but also not patronizing.
Approachable – Friendly and always respectful when speaking with, or about, someone or something
Passionate – Enthusiastic about what we do and what our platform does for our customers
Clever – Creative ways to make a serious point, laugh and have fun in a tasteful manner

Download Tone Guidelines

Social Templates

Help keep the new Sisense brand consistent across all social media platforms. We’ve created new branded social skins and zoom backgrounds for anyone who wishes to show their Sisense spirit.

Video Assets

When creating video content for Sisense communications please use the new Sisense branded opener and closer animations.

Download Video Assets

Sisensers – you can find everything you need to implement the new brand into your workflows in this internal folder here (using onelogin). Bring our vision to the world with word documents, presentation templates, and more.

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