Name Change→ Periscope Data to Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

We’re Rebranding?
Yep! On January 6th, Periscope Data (the company) becomes Sisense and Periscope Data (the product) becomes Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.

Why are we Rebranding?
This has always been part of our plan following the merger between Periscope Data and Sisense. We’ve reached a point where both teams are operating as a single entity in all aspects. As one company, we’ve decided to talk about our platform in a way that both recognizes the union of those technologies and acknowledges the users who have made it successful

Why did we choose the Sisense name instead of the Periscope Data name?
It’s very important that as a company, we have one name and one brand in the market. Sisense is bigger and better-known, both in the industry and outside of it. Additionally, “Periscope” is a challenging name from a confusion, SEO, and trademark perspective.

Where can I find customer and prospect-facing FAQs?

What exactly is happening before and on the 6th?
On January 3rd, customers received an email from Harry; active prospects got an email from Harry; and inactive prospects got an email from their AE. On January 6th, our new Sisense for Cloud Data Teams web pages will be live on Also on January 6th, every Periscope Data page will redirect to the new Sisense for Cloud Data Teams page. A new version of our app will go live using the Sisense logo and Sisense for Cloud Data Teams name. Our press release and blog posts will go live, and a second wave of emails to customers and prospects will go out.

Is the Periscope application moving?
In order to ensure technical stability, the Periscope Data platform will be renamed to “Sisense for Cloud Data Teams” but will still be accessible at All our customers’ links and bookmarks will still work. You can login by clicking the login button on the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams page, just like you did from before the change.

What is happening to the inbound leads from the Periscope Data website?
They’re making the move too! We will still have a dedicated Sisense for Cloud Data Teams lead flow, directing into the Marketo and Salesforce instances. Those will now flow from our new Sisense for Cloud Data Teams web pages. All our ad campaigns will still be running. The way in which we are redirecting the web pages allows us to preserve as much SEO ranking as possible.

For those in SF, does this mean I should use email and calendar!
Yes! Starting on the 6th, you should use your Sisense email for all communications including to customers and prospects. Your email already auto-forwards to your Sisense account. You should move meetings to the new calendar ASAP.

For those in SF, will my email, calendar, Google Drive, and other things go away?
No! They will still be there in case you need them to log into things, look up old things, or other necessary tasks.

Should I update my LinkedIn?
Yes! All Sisensers should take this opportunity to make sure their Linkedin profiles are up to date. And for those from Periscope, if you haven’t already updated your LinkedIn to show that you work at Sisense, now is a great time to do it. You can see Harry’s LinkedIn as a model for showing our work at Periscope Data the past several years, as well as our work at Sisense going forward.

For those in SF, can I say I worked at Periscope Data? Can I still wear old Periscope Data swag?
Of course! Periscope Data is still the SF team’s heritage *and* it’s now an important part of Sisense’s heritage. It’s where the SF team came from and will remain an important part of Sisense history. We should be proud that we were a part of it. And the swag will surely be Silicon Valley collectors’ items one day.