Powerful Analytics and Business Intelligence for Your Amazon Redshift Database

Sisense gives even non-technical users deep insights into complex data, wherever it lives. Our commitment to innovation and a truly self-service analytics platform puts powerful tools into the hands of anyone in your organization, regardless of their technical ability. Combine the powerful Sisense analytics platform with your Amazon Redshift data and get immediate, accurate, actionable insights.

The Sisense Analytics Platform is an easy-to-use, comprehensive foundation for your analytics strategy. Mashup data from anywhere: high-volume, high-complexity sources are no problem. Sisense helps you derive greater value from your data by easily embedding intelligent analytic apps everywhere—from dashboards and web portals to custom applications, chatbots, and Alexa skills—all with the lowest TCO in the industry.

Analyze Live and Historical Data Together

Is outdated data hobbling decision-making at your organization? The need for rapid access has made Amazon Redshift a popular option for people with constantly-updating datasets. Sisense delivers easy-to-use analytics and BI that can handle live and stored data together to serve up richer insights.

Get Instant Updates

A live connection to Amazon Redshift uses the database to power queries and dashboards in real time. Data is automatically and immediately replaced every time there is fresh data. No more manually updating, no more decision-making with outdated information.

Control Costs

A combination of Cached and Live Data Models can also help reduce costs. Rely on Sisense's cached Elasticube Data Models for exploratory and complex analysis (with support for high concurrency). Use fast, efficient Live
Data Models to analyze real-time data.

Uncovering Unique Perspectives from Your Data

Use Sisense to mashup live queries from your Amazon Redshift database with historical data to uncover insights you couldn’t reveal with just one or the other.

Fully Harness Insights from Your Amazon Redshift Database

Optimize your entire deployment by labeling, joining, and querying data directly, through a visual, easy-to-use, 100% web-based interface.

Balance Your Data Workload and Improve Performance

With Sisense, you control your data querying workloads. Shift data exploration and analysis to Elastic Data Models to optimize performance and lower TCO.

Effortlessly Mashup Data from Multiple Sources

Mashup data from Amazon Redshift with other data sources, utilizing our library of connectors. Support nearly any analytic use case with a combination of Live Data and cached Elastic Data Models.

Use Sisense and Amazon Redshift together if you have been planning to:
  1. Provide One BI Platform for both Depth and Breadth of Analysis: Balance data querying between Live Connection and Elastic Data Models to support almost any use case. Adjust to changing needs over time without scrapping your whole setup and starting again.
  2. Optimize Costs for Complex, Exploratory, or Ad-hoc Analysis: Control your number of live queries to simplify budget planning. Shifting data exploration to Sisense provides enhanced performance, high concurrency, and cost savings.
  3. Generate Faster, On-Time/Real-Time Results: No need to build and refresh extracts to get insights. Data can be refreshed within seconds or as available from the database.