10 Reasons Why Customers Choose Sisense Cloud

Sisense Cloud gives you a secure, high-performance business intelligence environment.
Join hundreds of other happy customers who already made the leap. Focus on your business and analytics goals while we manage the technical aspects of deploying BI.

  1. Innovation
    Data technology is advancing at a rate that surpasses even the wildest dreams of industry experts and reinvents the definition of Business Intelligence on a daily basis. Now we have the opportunity to implement thousands of ready-made services running on the cloud to evolve data strategies for companies of all sizes, at-will. Suddenly, AI, ML, serverless integration, data sharing and many other highly complex services can be added to your analytics suite with a click of a button. The Sisense Cloud unlocks the power of your data for you.
  2. Feature First
    In these days of innovation, new features and services ship faster than ever before. Stay on top of the latest and greatest advancements on the Sisense Cloud. New features ship here first and some of them ship on the Sisense Cloud only. Let your data strategy evolve in an environment that is built for innovation.
  3. Collaboration and Governance
    Break down the silos and complexities of data sharing and collaboration across your departments and projects. The Sisense Cloud integrates with your data and access control applications for governance, and solves the toughest cross-system data collaboration problems, to make your teams more informed and more efficient.
  4. Limitless Scale and Enhanced Agility
    Gain maximum scale and agility. Add users, data and projects in a predictable and consistent way on-demand. Accelerate your projects by months and understand cost benefits up front while planning for the future. Auto-scaling keeps your deployment agile and efficient by detecting usage and adapting accordingly, dynamically allocating resources to meet loads. The Sisense Cloud is always evolving itself which means more data, faster queries and better insights for your team.
  5. Enhanced Performance
    Rebuilt on our next generation cloud-native platform, Sisense Cloud offers the same self-service experience your users love, just with more horsepower from a modern containerized architecture. That translates to faster queries, faster builds, and more cubes.
  6. Top-Tier Uptime
    We make sure the service is reliable. That’s why Sisense Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS). Our uptime SLA is 99.9%. Think about delivering insights, not about server stability and maintenance.
  7. Improved Support Experience
    With direct access to your environment, Sisense is able to investigate and diagnose issues much faster. Customer satisfaction surveys show this is one of the most meaningful improvements that comes when switching to the Sisense Cloud. Customers on Sisense Cloud will also see us integrate in-app chat support in early 2022.
  8. Highly Secure
    Sisense Cloud adheres to the highest cloud security protocols, while still delivering speedy query results anywhere you need them: in-house, embedded in your products accessible to your customers, or as standalone analytics widgets.
    Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that Sisense takes diligent care of our customers’ data. We are ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, and we perform annual penetration tests to check for vulnerabilities.
  9. Ready for Everything
    When our customers rely on us for their own ongoing operations, Sisense matches that urgency with preparations for whatever comes our way. We have an established Disaster Recovery Plan that is reviewed annually. Our Business Continuity and Crisis Management Plan also ensures continuous operations in case of an emergency.
  10. No Servers, No Maintenance, No Hassle
    Forget about IT infrastructure needed for data storage or BI processing, version upgrades or maintenance — it’s all on us. Skip the technical implementation and jump right into analytics and dashboards to further simplify your complex data.

Get ready to combine convenience, power, and security in one robust analytics package, entirely on the cloud.