February 19, 2020

Sisense Announces New Tailored Packages to Empower Builders of Analytics

Sisense Announces New Tailored Packages to Empower Builders of Analytics 

Doubles Down on its Commitment to Teams of Builders with Custom Capabilities to Drive Transformative Value Across Organizations

New York, NY—February 19, 2020 — ​​​Sisense, the world’s leading analytics platform for builders, today announced the launch of three new analytics and BI packages based on the Sisense platform. Each package offers different teams of builders within an organization the tools and capabilities to simplify complex data and deliver insights to everyone. The three packages increase the accessibility of insights for cloud data teams, BI & analytics teams and product teams. Each of these teams plays a critical role in data-driven digital transformation, and each requires its own distinct set of analytics functionalities and capabilities. No other vendor in the market addresses the specific requirements of these teams to fully empower their mandate to effect change.

In creating the new packages, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Sisense for BI & Analytics Teams and Sisense for Product Teams, Sisense is meeting the urgent need of businesses for a better way to deliver insights from ever-increasing amounts of data. Over the past decade, the movement toward self-service analytics has improved access to data and insights for the business users and analysts who actually use it. However, adoption rates show the limitations of this success. The first generation of BI reached only a quarter of the potential users in most organizations. A decade and a billion dollars later, the advent of self-service dashboards moved the needle—but only slightly. According to top analysts, roughly two-thirds of the typical organization still has not benefited from the analytics revolution. Sisense is taking the lead to identify new solutions that meet the needs of this remaining population.

“We believe that success means that everyone – inside and outside of the organization – is actively engaged in using analytics together to make data-informed decisions,” said Harry Glaser, CMO at Sisense. “Sisense is the only analytics platform that delivers a robust solution to each set of builders, meeting their specific needs and enabling them to drive their unique contribution to an organization’s digital transformation.”

Different Builder Teams, Unique Packages 

Sisense for Cloud Data teams includes powerful code-driven tools that analyze cloud data sources and perform advanced data preparation. With support for SQL, Python and R in the same environment, data teams can perform advanced analysis on both modeled and raw data to solve the most intricate business problems of the day. 

Sisense for BI & Analytics Teams offers the ability to easily combine all your data from across the organization and quickly build interactive exploratory data experiences to deploy at scale. Empower anyone to uncover trends and predict outcomes with AI throughout and out-of-the-box advanced analytics. Entrench insights into workflows and applications to operationalize analytics for greater impact. 

Sisense for Product Teams embeds white-labeled analytics seamlessly within an organization’s existing products and architecture to differentiate their offerings in the market. Sisense can be deployed as highly-scalable devops powered analytic apps that can be programmatically automated and integrated into any workflow or process.

Communities of Builders

Sisense works with the diverse and rapidly growing communities of builders inside organizations: teams that build and leverage analytics to serve stakeholders, business units and customers in non profits, SMBs, and across the largest enterprises. Sisense has long identified that people with deep analytical skills can, and will, make a significant impact and drive organizational success. These packages empower a growing number of builders to deliver data and insights to organizations everywhere—with great impact.

This type of success is deeply felt by Sisense customers all over the world. GeriMedica, as an example, is a multidisciplinary electronic medical record (EMR) company, servicing the elderly care market. GeriMedica uses Sisense to embed analytics that empower their customers — healthcare providers — to impact the lives of their patients positively. With Sisense, GeriMedica enables its customers to drill down and filter data within dashboards, so they can develop with vastly improved patient care paths based on the only thing that matters: actionable insights. “Potential customers now see value upfront after a quick demo of their own data and understand how simple it is to validate top priority insights,” said Hamza Jap-Tjong, owner & CEO at GeriMedica Inzicht.

Learn more about Sisense’s new packages and the customers who are using them here.  

About Sisense

Sisense offers the only independent analytics platform for builders to simplify complex data and build and embed analytic apps that deliver insights to everyone inside and outside their organizations. Sisense lets builders collaborate on a single platform, delivered in a hybrid, cloud-native environment with the industry’s lowest cost of ownership, to create true democratization of data and analytics. 

More than 2,000 customers worldwide, including large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, smaller startups, and nonprofits rely on Sisense. Industry leaders like GeriMedica, Tinder, Philips, Nasdaq, and the Salvation Army utilize Sisense to turn complex data into insights with the speed, power, and flexibility needed to gain a competitive advantage. Learn more at www.sisense.com.


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